Youtube Time Tracker… An Extension That Shows How Much You Spend

Youtube Time Tracker

Over the past year, Tech giants like Apple and Google have focused on the importance of controlling the time we spend using our smartphone. For this, they have launched tools with which to establish daily usage limits and know in detail how we use our mobile. To this day there are no similar tools to control the time we spend in front of the computer. That’s why YouTube Time Tracker has caught our attention, an extension that informs us of the time we spend watching YouTube videos.

As we show you in the image that illustrates this article, the extension adds a small icon next to the YouTube logo, located in the upper left of the web. From there we can see the time we have been watching videos, and if we move the cursor over it we will see a series of additional usage statistics, such as the weekly, monthly and annual usage time.

One of the things we liked most about YouTube Time Tracker is that it is an open-source tool, so you can check the code from GitHub. Also, unlike other similar extensions, the tool does not track our use of YouTube; it only controls the time and the data stored in our browser.

There are many of us who spend several hours a week watching YouTube videos, and it is often easy to spend more time than we initially planned thanks to the platform’s recommendation system. The extension will not prevent us from continuing to watch videos, but it will undoubtedly make us more aware of the time we are dedicating to YouTube, which should encourage us to be more productive.

>> >> You can download it from the Chrome Web Store.

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