YouTube Music v2.67 On The Play Store: Minor Tweaks To The Interface

Youtube music new update

YouTube Music updates to version 2.67 on the Play Store, many small features are hidden as they are being tested. YouTube Music 2.67 is no exception and brings with it some aesthetic changes that could be missed by an inexperienced eye.

First of all, we start with a greater general “roundness“: some buttons and album covers get small connections on the corners, making the interface slightly less aggressive. These are really very small fittings, but they have really been added. In addition, the listening queue has also been changed, with the reordering of some icons and the addition of others.

Finally, even the screen of your account has been slightly modified: removed the “geometric” background in favor of a simple gray background and removed the dividing line between “change account” and “Settings“.

On the side of the functionalities, we find only the addition of some error strings that could be associated with voice control of the Smart Remote (for the control of Chromecast). As always, these are additions not visible to the public, and they may never see the light in the stable channel. What do you think of it ?

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