Youtube Launches Facts Check In India To Filter Fake News

Youtube India

YouTube introduces a fact check tool in some searches, especially those that are more sensitive or controversial. This new feature will be found in the upper left corner of the screen and will offer links with data verification for some more controversial news, such as those with medical implications or national security.

YouTube trying this feature in India

India will be the first country, in the Indian language and in English, which will have this tool available in the video search engine. This was confirmed by Youtube people at the technology site, Engadget.

Youtube India

As explained, the way these fact checks will work by adding a couple of lines of code to your articles, for this you need to allow Google’s web crawlers to quickly gather information about the type of claim being verified and whether it is true or false. Then the article will be reviewed, and YouTube can display the information in the search results.

A few days back, Google video platform is implementing actions to prevent the spread of false news, for example, taking out the monetary sponsorship to the news that has to do with the Momo Challenge or the anti-vaccination movement.

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India is making a great effort in data verification, since in the next few months there will be presidential elections and the idea is that platforms like Facebook do not play an active role this time in spreading false news on social networks and in the Web.

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