Xiaomi Patents A Smartphone With Quadruple Edge Display

Xiaomi brevette

Xiaomi is always looking for ways to innovate in the mobile market, showing that its devices are not not copies of global brands such as Apple. The Chinese company’s new venture concerns the 4-notch device, where it divides the cameras and sensors so that it does not take up as much space as a traditional notch and bring something innovative.

In this week, some patent pictures of this new type of device were shown here on the site. But now another image of a supposed brand smartphone shows a smartphone with 100% reduced screen front panel, where not even a pop-up camera is used for selfies.

Something interesting about the design of this supposed device is the format chosen for this infinite display, where the screen is curved and the sides also, giving uniformity to the device. Something that pleases users enough, especially those who are already accustomed to using this device.

Here, we are not forgetting the front camera. Instead, the company chooses to insert the selfie lens under the screen as well as it includes an on-screen fingerprint reader. As there is still little speculation regarding Mi Mix 4, it may be that Xiaomi chooses this design format for its next premium flagship.

Some say this design is similar to Vivo Apex. Anyhow, It is worth reminding us that Xiaomi will bring some news during the 2019 MWC, so we keep an eye out because we might even see a prototype of this new smartphone at the fair.

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