Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition Has 12 GB Of RAM And Game Turbo Features

Xiaomi mi 9 features out

Now we all came to know about Xiaomi Mi 9. This weekend the company society has unveiled a real mountain of details about its top of the range: the AMOLED screen, the fingerprint reader under the screen, the reduced chin, the Game Turbo and powered by Snapdragon 855.

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, is not pleased to reveal even more details about Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition, the beautiful version featuring a transparent cover of the rear section. If everything goes like last year, it is an aesthetic beautification that goes to show the real components but does not deal in reality with the operation of the smartphone. To find out, however, we will have to wait for the exit.

As we said Lei Jun has unveiled some greedy details. In addition to Snapdragon 855, this version will have 12 GB of RAM available. We do not know how much the internal memory will be, but we expect a cut of 128 GB or more. Even the rear camera should be slightly different from that of the classic Mi9. The 48-megapixel main sensor will have an aperture of f /1.47, and we do not know if the other sensors will be slightly different.

Lei Jun has also shown some official renderings that render invalidating those seen a few days ago of Xiaomi Mi9 Explorer Edition equipped with 4 rear cameras. One last detail: apparently Xiaomi has agreements with the producers of Alita: Angelo Della Battaglia.

There will be some themed software customizations on board and looking more closely at the renderings. You can see the writing “Battle Angel” among the components shown by the transparency. In addition to the renderings we have just discussed, we also show you the smartphone teaser video leaked online.

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