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Wikileaks Releases The Complete List Of CIA Hacking Tools and Documents, Everything You need to know 



Wikileaks has released thousands of Hacking Documents and Hacking Tools which are being used by C.I.A. that is Central Intelligence Agency and it has been revealed that C.I.A. has a capacity of Hacking into any smartphones, Computers, and internet-connected Televisions.
WikiLeaks has released over 8,000 pages of documents on Tuesday. These detail C.I.A. programs that break encryption in iPhones, Android phones, Samsung TVs and other devices.

Wikileaks Releases The Complete List Of CIA Hacking Tools and Documents








It has claimed by an Edward Snowden that the documents released on Tuesday (7th March) are Authentic and those documents show the capabilities of C.I.A. which can hack into any smartphones and Computers.

The initial release, which WikiLeaks said was only the first part of the document collection, included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments, the group said. The entire archive of C.I.A. material consists of several hundred million lines of computer code, it said.

Among other disclosures that, if confirmed, would rock the technology world, the WikiLeaks release said that the C.I.A. and allied intelligence services had managed to bypass encryption on a popular phone and messaging services such as Signal, WhatsApp, and Telegram. According to the statement from WikiLeaks, government hackers can penetrate Android phones and collect “audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.”






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As a result, the CIA has access to private messages on apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Weibo, and Confide. They did this by hacking the smartphones. The apps themselves are safe, however, it is clear that if the C.I.A. gets access to the device, nothing on the phone or device is safe.

Other C.I.A. hacks detailed in today’s WikiLeaks disclosures include malware attacks to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.






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Click here to Read the complete documents released by Wikileaks…

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