WhatsApp Will Integrate Two Hidden Features In Upcoming Beta version

Whatsapp updated beta version

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application in the world, wants to continue improving the security of its platform and, for that reason, is testing fingerprint authentication in Android. As detailed in the WABetaInfo portal, the beta version 2.19.3 of the app is working to implement this function and thus protect access to the platform.

The novelty comes just after Facebook working to implement security in the app, through Face ID and Touch ID. Anyway, none of these functions is still available definitively because the developers continue to work on its development. The truth is that WhatsApp finally began working on fingerprint authentication in Android. As can be seen in a screenshot that WABetaInfo shares in his blog. Precisely, there is a new option enabled in the Privacy section that refers to this type of unlocking.

One more important thing in its consideration is that fingerprint scan will only be to protect and access the platform and not for messages and conversations, where end-to-end encryption is still used. It will also be possible to use our other access credentials present in our mobile to unlock it.

WhatsApp Renews One More Feature

Another change that is coming is a renewed audio selector, and the truth is that it already played. If you click on the clip icon and choose audio, you will see an audio file selector that seems to be from another era (and it is). WhatsApp has finally decided to renew it, as it did long ago with the recorder.

Besides being prettier, it allows you to preview an audio file before sending it and shows the graphic associated with it if it exists. It is possible to send up to 30 audios at once.

Even, the audios will be able to be reproduced before sending them and also it will be counted on the option to select several of them in a single time. WhatsApp is also working to solve the bug that occurs in the app when the smartphone is in “Battery Optimization” mode and access to stickers. In that sense, the developers ask users to deactivate the battery saving function and try again.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know when the developer will deploy these new functions in the messaging application. But we can expect a few weeks more to meet them. Well, we keep you informed about the relevant updates. Don’t forgot to comment below about the new features that WhatsApp is testing?

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