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WhatsApp Starts Labeling Forwarded Messages, Feature Live On Android Beta


The most popular chat application WhatsApp is developing a new feature, which will end the irritating forward messages that you receive every time to an extent. The application is almost curated the forwarded label feature for the beta users of Android. There will be the stable feature in the near future.

The Effective New feature


The forwarded messages from your friends will be labeled as Forwarded so that you can differentiate your regular and forwarded messages in your phone. For now, the beta users don’t have to do much other than updating their WhatsApp application. After the update, the message will be seen with a Forwarded label at the top of the message. This feature will surely let you know the forwarded good morning and good night messages with irritating pictures to some extent and can save your phone memory. And you can have the knowledge of the originality of the message. You don’t have to praise your friend regarding the creative writing, as that will be labeled as forwarded. This feature will undoubtedly a beneficial one and turn out to be useful by helping you out for identifying the original and just forwarded messages. The users of WhatsApp, the largest messaging app, can have the ability to select the message received from a contact and send that to another contact for checking the forwarded label feature.

Latest Development

The Forwarded message label is being verified for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone customers. As of now, the feature is available for the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.179. But as that has rolled out for the beta channel, so it can be expected that the feature will be available to the non-beta users also in the coming time and very soon as well.

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