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WhatsApp Refuses To Encrypt All Correspondence


To exchange any information through the Internet is extremely dangerous because sometimes even the most secure channels can be vulnerable. As it became known, in the near future the messenger WhatsApp will refuse end-to-end encryption, as a result of which the correspondence of all users will be deciphered. The leadership of the messenger is forced to take such a step not at will, but at the request of the Facebook company, to which the service has recently been fully owned.

The Facebook company is entirely American, so it has to interact with the US authorities. Due to the increased incidence of terrorism and other crimes, law enforcement agencies increasingly come to the conclusion that attackers communicate through the most famous instant messengers, the main one being WhatsApp. In this regard, negotiations were held, which Mark Zuckerberg said a little during his public speech in May. In particular, according to the head of Facebook, in the near future in WhatsApp will appear not only advertising, the money from which will go to the company’s pocket. But also will weaken encryption to a level that power departments could access the correspondence of users, If it can be done according to law.

This approach, according to Mark, will help the US, Europe and other regions of the world ensure the safety of their citizens, because the police and intelligence agencies will be able to quickly identify offenders of the law. It is expected that the correspondence of all users will be decoded soon enough, namely in 2019.

From end-to-end encryption will refuse in favor of its special version, in which the law enforcement agencies will have the opportunity to read the messages of anyone who is interested in them. As soon as with this innovation everything will be decided, Facebook will notify all users about it and explain why it was necessary to go to such a step.

The main goal is to save lives of people who can become victims of terrorists or people who have problems with the psyche. Earlier it became known that the bug in WhatsApp allows you to read the correspondence and change other people’s messages.


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