WhatsApp Launches A New Feature In India On Behalf Of Elections

WhatsApp India

WhatsApp innovates to protect Indian elections from potential drift …

We almost want to think that social networks and other applications are approaching the age of maturity. Of course, on the one hand, there are countries that want to legislate directly against fake news and rumors. The problem is that the majority of major players, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and others, are based in the United States and can take refuge behind a legislative arsenal often very favorable.

Fortunately, some tools are now taking action. This is what WhatsApp is trying to approach the Indian elections with the launch of “Checkpoint Tipline” a service that will evaluate the reliability of messages.

A service to evaluate the reliability of messages

The system is not automatic. It is the users who will forward it directly to the service that will be responsible for assigning an evaluation: true, false, misleading or debated. It will also evaluate and understand the distribution of fake news. The service will be available in English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Mayalam, for photos, videos and images.

WhatsApp facing its responsibilities

For WhatsApp, taking action was becoming almost an obligation. Already criticized its role in spreading fake news during the Brazilian election, now it also plays a major role in India for spreading rumors.

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