Whatsapp Gold, The Scam That Continues To Deceive Thousands Of People

whatsapp gold

Once again, the message of the arrival of WhatsApp Gold floods the social media again. It is a message that thousands of people continue to receive in different countries, a false version of WhatsApp that promises new functions and that all it does is install a virus on the mobile.

WhatsApp Gold also appeared in 2018 and was considered one of the most dangerous phishing cases. Since there are many millions of WhatsApp users who may want a “Gold” version to have better video conferences, the possibility of sharing more files or even. As the false application promises, delete messages sent long ago.

The first time that WhatsApp Gold appeared on the networks was in 2014, and every year it usually appears with a message like this: “At last the secret version of WhatsApp Gold has arrived, it has been leaked, and only the super famous use it. Now you can also be part of the WhatsApp elite“.

When accepting the installation, the user arrives at a website that asks for personal data, to later open the mobile so that the malware can do its own. Thus, it steals personal data and sometime blackmails you to pay some money.

If some acquaintance has fallen into the famous trap, help him to uninstall suspicious apps, as well as tell him to change the passwords of emails and social networks if any has already been filtered. Of course, if you receive this message on your WhatsApp, do not send it to anyone else, delete it immediately.

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