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Genuine Ways To Earn Money Online In 2018 – [Complete Guide]


Hello everyone. One of my friends asked me “How to make money online?”. You know, this is the highest ranking keyword in 2017 and still running in 2018. If you have the same question, then you must read this paper. In this post, I’m gonna share the latest and up-to-date information on “best ways to earn money online”, as well as the main principles about it.

To begin, start with basic principles and methods of earning on the Internet

  • How to make money online without investment
  • When you can get your first payout
  • How much you can get paid from online
  • When I could reach to earn $500/month

Before you take the initial steps, you should understand what it is:

Online Income – this is the same as working in any other place. There is no free money for nothing. Decent people can earn only those who have at least some experience. The rest will have to work diligently for small amounts.

From this article, you can briefly learn about all popular destinations. Pick up what will be to your liking.

Who Can Make Money Online?

This is suitable for all people: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, moms in the home, travelers and all those people who are looking for basic or additional income. Moreover, this method is suitable for those who want to build their own business.

But there are limitations: without a sense of enthusiasm and without the desire to try something new, nothing will come of it. Since it was not, yet the time when the internet would be considered the norm. For many, it is still something of a fantasy field.

What Are The Best Ways To Make Money Online?

Next, let’s talk about possible options, how you can get income in the network: without investment, with minimal costs, and with investments.

Each of them has its own characteristics. Consider them.

#1 Ways to earn money online without any investment

I am sure that everyone wants to earn this way and it will be interesting to the majority. After all, what could be better than starting to earn without risking or losing your own savings?

Talking about the risk, I want to note: I often met people who do not trust the Internet, as a ways to earn money online . If you are one of them, I can make you happy: there are methods on the net that do `not require investments.

But not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance. There is a drawback: to achieve the result, the beginner will need considerably more time than under the other two conditions.

To better understand why this is so, let’s look at an example:

Imagine this situation: You are – a novice. You have neither knowledge nor money. To get at least some base in one of the selected areas, you yourself will have to study a large amount of information. And because of inexperience, it will be impossible to understand which source you can trust. Therefore, you have to spend a lot of time testing the ways to check their reliability and effectiveness.

But the question is: Will you get the result?

It is in several endless attempts that all newcomers fall off and only a few ways to earn mpney online .

Let’s now consider how much the situation can change when you still dare to spend a little.

#2 Earnings with minimal financial investments

Earning with minimum investment has two main differences compared to first. Consider them.

The first difference: A person who has the opportunity to spend at least a little money for self-education, as a result, will achieve the goal in times faster and with a greater guarantee.

The second difference: A newcomer who has the opportunity to pay for some tools or some services will be able to start building his business.

To better understand what I’m talking about, consider an example:

Let’s say: You want to earn money on your blog, you will need: to pay for hosting, configuration, design and other tools for work. That is, you will obviously need some minimum investment to develop your business.

Hint: Minimum investment – in self-taught and payment of services will help you to get a stable income much faster.

#3 Earnings on the Internet with attachments

For many people, “Earnings with investments” means: the need to invest in any projects. In fact, there are other options:

  • buy site
  • spend on the creation of a new
  • you can invest in the purchase of goods from China and its advertising

There are many options, the main thing is to gain experience in order to clearly understand how this or that scheme works. Therefore, I do not recommend newcomers from the first days to throw money and even more thoughtlessly invest in various projects.

If there are a desire and the opportunity to develop precisely in the direction of investment, then it is worth to show great accuracy, since there are thousands of fraudulent projects in the network. They are very difficult to distinguish from real ones, especially for beginners.

Which Way can I Choose?

In the end, I want to say: every newcomer should try all the options.

You need to follow this consistently:
  1. Carefully study all available options
  2. Choose an option that will be closer to your liking
  3. Read blogs on your topic and watch a video on YouTube
  4. Try, the knowledge gained in practice
  5. Find a mentor who has already achieved success

Let’s take an example: Vishnu likes to write articles. First, he tries his hand and takes simple work experience. Then he gets paid for his work. But in his spare time, Vishnu gets acquainted with the experience of successful workers: He watches a Youtube video and reads blogs. Gradually, his level of skill grows with income.

One day our hero understands: he does not want to work forever for “uncle and aunt”. He decides to create a website to work for himself. But how to do that? He finds a school of bloggers, where professionals are trained. And now Vishnu writes all day long for articles to be visited and profitable.

When the level of income becomes even greater: He decides to hire other authors not to spend the whole day at work.

In a year Vishnu’s income level is more than two or three average salaries. But even this our moneymaker does not stop. He decides to create a couple more sites and hires a reactor that is following everything.

As a result, the hero of history becomes a real online entrepreneur with a high level of income.

12 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

how to start making money online

In this article, I’ll list out the options that will help you make money for paying mobile communications, the Internet and other trivia. They will be perfect for beginners, schoolchildren and those who just want to make sure that they make money on the Internet realistically. You can also make money online college student.

And those who are seriously planning to start an online career, focus on this is not necessary – just go to the following groups. Here is the latest way to make money online :

#1 Polls & Surveys for Money

Get rewards for taking surveys on different topics: what razor you use, what kind of car you drive, what kind of powder you erase, and so on. To participate, you need to register on the questionnaire sites. Here’s the best of them:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Toluna
  3. Harris Poll
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. MyPoints

They will regularly send invitations to pass the survey to the post office. Filling the questionnaire takes an average of 10-20 minutes. The reward usually does not exceed $2. If you register for all similar services, you can receive 2-3 applications per week. This is approximately $5 – $10.

Check Android: Google Rewards, a new Google product from PlayStore pay dollars for participating in surveys.

Also Check: Earn $75 by Participating in Google User Experience Research – Click here to know more

Hint: Create several accounts for each member of the family – so you can increase profits.

#2 Browse & Earn

Browser-based mining is the earnings of cryptocurrency or virtual coins using CPU processor. To extract enough money, do not close the browser tab. The revenue will depend on the processing power of the CPU. On average, this makes you nearly $10 – $30 per month.

For this case I can recommend the site Qmee – they pay for searching and shopping. Download this extension in Chrome or Firefox and earn online cash every time.

Check Android: Mcent and Zen Browsers are the two popular apps that give free Recharge money.

>> Hack Mcent Browser by using auto page refresh tool – Mcent Refresher >>

#3 Shop & Earn

Cashback is the return of a portion of the money for a purchase. That is, it is not just a discount, but the real earnings. Whenever you bought products online, some retailers offer you cashback.

Today, every online market platform offering initial cashback for new users in order to reach customer satisfaction. So, here the top online e-commerce websites to get free cash back.

The most generous services to return money are:

  • Amazon – Exclusive Online Store
  • Staples – Professional Stationary Store

Best Cashback Websites You Should Know

#4 Earn from Questions and Answers

Sites questionnaires are ready to pay users who ask interesting questions and give qualitative answers. It means you are helping others homework with your knowledge. This is quite the easiest way to make online money.

The only sites that I know and who will be guaranteed to pay for this works are :

  1. EduBoard
  2. Chegg
  3. Tutor
  4. SchoolSolver

From above websites, you can easily earn $5 to $25 every day

Check Android: GigIndia, only one only app for making enough money through simple tasks. Money can be redeemed through Paytm.

#5 Review & Earn

There are special sites where people leave comments on products, services, companies and everything that is possible.

These reviews, as in the example above, help the site to advance. Therefore, the administration rewards users. The more views the feedback will have, the more revenue there will be.

Here is the list of sites:

  1. UserTesting
  2. MouthShut
  3. VindaleResearch

Hint: Leave feedback on the latest news. This will help to gain a lot of views and therefore earn a lot.

#6 Earnings Through Social networks

There are several ways to earn money online from social media. But since we are in the group of additional earnings, we will discuss the options in this series.

There are people who are willing to pay for your likes, comments, joining groups and so on. You can also make money by sharing promotional links. They give commissions for every purchase from your referral links. Here are the most popular sites:

  1. Like2cash -Like and earn
  2. Inboxdollars – Watch and earn
  3. Shorte.st – Share and earn

The average money you can get is $5 per day.

Hint: Create 5-10 pages for each social media and increase revenue several times.

#7 Upload Photos & Earn

Lovers of photography can sell their work. This kind of activity will go to those who already have a collection of photos or those who are able and likes to take pictures. The main thing is that the work should be interesting and in high resolution.

Principle: you make high-quality photos, upload them to photo stock sites and, if someone buys them, you earn. One and the same photo can be bought many times.

The most popular online platforms to sell artworks are:

Hint: Pay attention to the most popular topics and fancy pictures – work in the same spirit and earn more.

#8 Money for Captcha Entry

Captcha is protection against various spam bots. It is often asked to enter during registration on sites or when repeating the same actions. It often prevents webmasters from running automated programs, as robots can not solve them.

To solve the problem, services were created anti-captcha, where people decrypt:

The cost of each captcha is less but you can make up to $1 for an hour if you do.

#9 Sell Used Stuff & Earn

Everyone is supposed to try new things and throw old stuff to scrap. But, that scrap can make you generate from online. Sell your used stuff online and promote your products in social media. For this, I recommend OLX, the best platform to sell used stuff online.

Also Check: Cleanout your closet – Sell used clothes in Poshmark.

4 Practical Ways To Make Money From Online

From the title itself, it is possible if you are equipped with hidden skills. Yes, I advise you to start all those who plan to switch to online work.

Freelance – Wage work, which can be performed remotely via the Internet. Specialists such as copywriters, webmasters, moderators and others like this do not necessarily have to perform duties in the office. You can earn money while sitting at home.

how to make money online

Remote work is very convenient and has several advantages :

  • It saves travel time and fees
  • Improve self-work scheduling plans
  • Work from anywhere in the world

If you are mastered one of the freelance specialties, you can always find a steady and stable income, because now it is very in demand. Especially if you’re a pro in your business.

On the freelance platform, more than 300 specializations can be counted. Here are the top freelance jobs from home you can go.

1.Content Writing

Copywriting is the writing of texts: articles, advertisements, books, and much more. The most common direction: articles for websites. The work will go to those who know others well in the same country.

The average cost of payment for beginners is $5 for 1000 words article. Here are the best platforms to share your work with income:

Related: Get paid for submitting articles in above websites.

2.Graphic Designing

The main task of a web designer is to create the appearance of websites, create logos, social posters, brand elements and so on.

For this profession, it is not necessary to be an artist. The main thing is a sense of aesthetics and trend. If you are well known for editing images in a smartphone then you can design something new.

To make the simple design for a site, that costs nearly $200. The more experienced keep the price tag around $500. Professionals take a minimum of $1000.

>> Need Online Design Jobs – Join These Facebook Groups >>


The profession of a programmer has many directions: the creation of programs, games, applications, websites and much more. It is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance: it is not necessary to be a mathematician or a technician.

I myself now spend  2-3 hours a day in learning the Java Script language. Judging by my results, in six months or a year I will be able to create a complex web project. Although a couple of months ago it seemed impossible.

Also read: What should I learn to become a programmer in 2018? 

An average programmer can earn $500/month. Professionals easily earn more than $1000. But you can become a pro within in 2-3 years.

Hint: Learn scripting languages at first like HTML, CSS, and JS

4.SEO Making

As startups have been increasing day by day, one should have to optimize their service online. So, many online business entrepreneurs and startup newbies hire SEO experts to optimize and develop their product online. It shows that demand for digital marketing needs SEO analysts and they get enough money for their work up to $500 per month.

Hint: Learn basic SEO fundamentals and try to apply them in practical ways.

>> Download Complete SEO E-Book For Beginners at the Free cost >>

Top Modern Online Ways To Earn

Work on yourself on the Internet can be also called business or entrepreneurship – the essence does not change: you will build your business. The difference, if any, is only in scale. Working independently is more of an enterprise, working as a team is closer to business.

latest ways to make money online

The main plus of online entrepreneurship is that you can start without contributions and without knowledge.

Next, consider the list of the most popular options.

#1 Website Makes Money

Under the term ” website” lies a lot of directions: a blog, an online store, a forum, a message board, or maybe a complex service like: an exchange of currencies. Revenues can be generated from three main sources:

  1. sale of their own or third-party products
  2. sale of advertising spaces
  3. payment for the use of the service

For a beginner, it would be reasonable to ask the question: “What should I choose?” I would recommend starting with earning a blog. In general, any type of site can bring an equal amount of profit. There would be a desire.

→ Just create a niche blog, increase traffic and earn money through Google Adsense. This is what top blogs are following.

>> How to create a free website without investment >>

Fact: Huffington Post is a news blog making $146 million in revenue every year

#2 Earn From Knowledge

Remember this is the 21st century. Let me remind you: the century is called ” Information”. This means that information in our time plays a key role. To become a part of this market, it is enough to understand something in something slightly better than others and learn how to sell it.

There are several online course platforms who can earn money by uploading teaching videos:

  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Vedantu

You can teach: breeding bees, promoting sites, playing the guitar and everything that can only come up. The main thing is to learn how to properly supply and sell your knowledge. And the second is even more important.

#3 Create a Youtube Channel

A YouTube channel is one of the best ways to earn money without your site. The main point is to create interesting videos. And do not necessarily record your videos. You can use third-party materials: cutting jokes, the best sports moments and much more. See for yourself – such channels have many subscribers and views. Hence, they have a high income.

To do this, you need to take three basic steps:

  1. choose subjects in which you understand and which fits the way of today life
  2. buy a microphone and camera
  3. learn how to use video editors

Suggestion: Make sure that you can earn money from Youtube through Google Adsense. So, attract users with your visuals and increase traffic to earn more.

#4 Affiliate Marketing

Earnings on partnering are the work of an intermediary between a representative of goods and services and customers.

A simple example:

Let’s say I have an online microphone store. To increase the number of sales, I connect the partner program module to it. Now everyone who registers will have personal references: they can be sent to the whole store or to a specific product.

Similarly, there are thousands of goods and services on the Internet. Most of them have a partnership program. There are also special partner programs, where hundreds of partners are immediately represented:

Affiliate programs are similar to traffic arbitration, which I mentioned above. However, you do not need to buy advertising anywhere, you can earn without investments: if you use your sites, channels, and communities.

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Or else, there are many e-commerce platforms that helps us to advertise your own products for free.

Check out this list of platforms:
  1. Shopify
  2. Wooplr
  3. Kraftly

Hint: Share your product links in all social media regions to increase revenue.

Suggestion: Design awesome Tees from Teespring and earn legitimate money by marketing it.

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Online Money Investment

Investing in the Internet is one of the most popular tools for earning, which has dozens of directions. Today I will name the most popular of them.

How to start internet business

Attention: Any investment in online is always a risk. Therefore invest less, than it would not be a pity to lose. Especially not for the sake of it to get into debt.

1.Forex Trading

A forex market is a place where you can make money on speculations with currency: buy cheaper stocks – sell at a high cost.

Example: Vishnu bought $16 for 1000 rubles. After an hour, the price rose 2%. Vishnu sells everything and will receive 1200 rubles of net profit.

2.Binary Options

Binary options – similar to Forex, only here the earnings go with the difference from speculation, but from the results of forecasts. It is necessary to guess which way the market will go.

To make your forecasts more profitable, learn how to correctly analyze the market. Training material is available on the website of any broker. The best of them:

3.Investments in Cryptocurrency

There are three options for how you can invest in a cryptocurrency:

#1 Trading. The main task, like forex: buy more at cheaply – sell more.

#2 Buy equipment for mining. Mining is the production of cryptocurrency due to the computing power of a video card, processor or special. equipment.

#3 Buy and forget. The simplest of all ways: to buy a promising cryptocurrency and wait until its rate grows 10-50 times.

4.Investing in Websites

You can invest in the creation and promotion of new sites or in the purchase of already promoted.

In the first case, you will need knowledge of creating and promoting websites. Usually, for earnings create information sites (content).

Principle: Write as much as possible and faster articles, so that they give a lot of visitors from search engines. And where there are many visitors, there is a good profit.

Then such a site can either be sold or left to itself and receive revenue.

In the second case, the skills above, you need to add the ability to look for sites that bring a stable income.

Hint: Learn how to create your own profitable sites and only then to deal with the purchase of ready-made sites. Otherwise, understand what is good, and what is bad will be difficult.

The cost of sites usually does not exceed their annual income at the time of sale. For example, if the site brings 10,000 rupees a month, then it will cost 120,000 rupees.

The only reliable service for the purchase or sale a site – Flippa.com

What in the end to choose?

I think the first question that many people had: What to choose from this list? What do you do to earn money?

You have to figure this out on your own. I can only advise you to listen to the “call of the heart”: choose what is closest in spirit and what will bring pleasure.

From myself only I will recommend to beginners to choose one direction, to study it properly and apply it in practice. If you start to try everything at once, then because of a large amount of information in your head will be porridge. So the results are expected in any way.

How did I start?

At the beginning of the journey, I was always looking for ways to make money on the Internet without investing. This was the biggest mistake. I did not want to spend money. I wanted basically to get the first income from scratch.

Instead of finding a good mentor and paying for training, I mistakenly believed that this was all a divorce and that I myself could understand everything.

My suggestion is to keep on learning new things that others won’t learn. This may help you to create your own self-employment from beginner to professional.

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Actually, that’s all. Sincerely, I hope that the material was useful to you. Do not forget to leave your comments with questions or additions to the article.


Jayapal Reddy
Jayapal, an engineering student who made blogging as a career and turned it has a passion.I am such an enthusiastic guy always struggling for exploring Tech Stuff and producing my work on many blogs.Now, I'm working with Vinstechs as a guest writer and being thankful to be here.


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