WannaCry Is Back On Android: How To Protect Yourself From Filecoder.C

A new ransomware attack directly affects all Android devices, so the range is very considerable. We tell you what ” Filecoder.C ” consists of and how to avoid becoming infected.

Do you remember Wannacry? One of the massive cyberattacks of 2017. It results in splashing large companies like Microsoft and even paralyzing the national health service of the United Kingdom. Now, a new ransomware attack has been detected in recent days by ESET security researchers and directly affects all Android smartphones. It is called Android / Filecoder.C and is capable of encrypting and blocking all files on your mobile while extending to all your contacts via SMS.

Android / Filecoder.C, Latest Ransomware On Android

This malware has been detected in Reddit threads and, to a lesser extent, in the well-known XDA Developers forum. More often, this ransomware is present in adult application APK files. When installing them on their devices, without knowing it, users infect the system and automatically start their operation as ransomware: encrypt most files on the phone and request a rescue to unlock and recover them. If payment is not accessed, it states that all data will be lost in 72 hours.

However, Android / Filecoder.C goes one step further to try to increase its scope of infection. In addition to encrypting the phone’s data, it uses access to contacts in the phonebook to send an SMS to all of them. In that SMS, you are invited to enter a link trying to make it sting telling you that your private photos have been published in an application. That message is translated in up to 42 languages, but in many cases the translation is appalling.

And this is one of the points highlighted by ESET researchers. This ransomware is a bit botched and seems to be created by fans who have been too inspired by Wannacry. They even copy the file extensions affected by encryption, without being many of them common on Android, and leaving others along the way.

How to protect yourself from Android / Filecoder.C

Infected files have already been deleted from XDA Developers, but they continue to swarm through Reddit. What can we do to avoid being affected? The tips are the same as always, they seem repetitive, but the truth is that you always have to keep them in mind because there are always those who bite into this type of malware:

  • Always use trusted application sources, such as official Google Play stores or verified APK websites.
  • Keep your device updated, always keep the apps up-to-date.
  • Check comments and feedback from other users before installing an application.
  • Attention to the permits requested during the installation, especially if they do not make sense for their purpose.
  • If you receive messages, notifications, emails or SMS inviting you to enter a link, SUSPECT.

Check if the text makes sense if it makes sense that someone sends you such a message and in case of minimal doubt: do not pay attention, do not enter that website or download anything. Hope, you secure yourself after reading this. Thanks for landing on this page.

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