VLC 4.0 With New Interface….the version everyone was waiting for

VLC 4.0 new version media player

VLC is one of the most famous and used media players for Windows, but for many years users have been giving them an important flaw: graphics. The software interface is light, usable and intuitive, but in 2019 it looks really old-fashioned since it seems to have remained under Windows XP. Fortunately, the developers of the program have finally decided to give a nice refresh, giving it an aspect starting from version 4.0

The first images of this renewal can be seen in the featured images. VLC 4.0 will appear with a dark look and full of transparencies, maintaining a very minimal style, typical of the software. Many improvements will be implemented for controls and performance, but there will be many new features, starting with the new media library and 3D and VR video support.

VLC 4.0

As for the Linux environment, the native support for Wayland will arrive and there will be many changes under the hood for all supported platforms. Among the most interesting we highlight the compatibility with UPnP rendering, HEIF, Dash / WebM formats, TTML images, AV1 encoding, WebVTT, SDI, SMBv2 / v3, RIST and much more.

There are, however, also less good news for those who use older systems. Starting with version 4.0, VLC will no longer be compatible with Windows XP and Vista systems, and will no longer work on older versions of Android or iOS. If you want to know more about the new developments in VLC 4.0, you will find many other technical information in the PDF document at this address. Below, however, some images of the new graphical interface.

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