Unicode Added 230 New Emoji’s To Your Keyboard : More Colours And Gestures

Unicode added 230 new emoji's

The Unicode Consortium has approved the final pack of emoji that will come to Unicode 12 and, therefore, the new emojis that we can access soon from our keyboard. This time, we are facing the sixth largest update of Unicode and the total number of emoticons added is 230 among the new icons, the variations in the tone of the skin, etc.

Unicode 12 is distinguished mainly by inclusion bets. More than 50 pair emojis combinations have been introduced, which add boy-boy and girl-girl mixtures to choose the skin tone and characteristics of each component. In addition, following Apple’s proposal last year, the emoticons that represent physical disabilities were introduced: see the person in a wheelchair, deaf or blind.

New Creatures And Reccipes

In addition to the inclusive emojis, we find a good batch of new animals as a guide to dogs, flamenco, lazy, orangutan or skunk. In addition, garlic, onion, falafel, waffle, maintenance, oysters, juice cartons and mate have been introduced.

Unicode added 230 new emoji's

As for everyday objects, masculine slips, ballet shoes, a jumpsuit, a sari, a banjo, a diver’s glasses, a swimsuit and bikini, bandages, an ax, a yoyo, a chair, have been added. a stethoscope, a razor blade and a drop of blood, to name a few. We end with gestures and emotions, which are updated with two emojis. The first is the yawning face, which will replace the emoji that falls in the mud or seems to be asleep. The second is the hand-pinching. A detail in which you can change the tone of the skin.

Unicode has already released official documentation and manufacturer’s guides to implement these emoticons on smartphone keyboards. It will take short time for them to reach all smartphones. On iOS, it should contain an update of the operating system, while Android could be worth it with a Google keyboard update.

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