How To Turn Your Old PC into Web Server In Just 5 Minutes ?

turn old computer into web server

Today, everyone is able to buy portable laptops and throwing old computers in the junk. For those people, I’m saying stop doing that. Your old PC values $500 if you turn old computer into a web server. Before getting into this article, let us talk about what you can do with the web server? Yeah, of course, I’m using it to host my website. But, there are a huge number of applications that you can do with it. Here are as some cases:

Case #1

Using localhost server, one can host their website on the internet without spending a single penny for hosting companies.

Case #2

Easy to upload personal and private information like documents and other useful stuff that you need to get it back.

Case #3

You can share your photos, mp3 files and all the stuff with your family members by giving access to them.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Dropbox etc are using their own local servers in bulk amount to store the user’s data safe. As a smartphone user, you are already experienced with Google Drive for hiding images and documents but it has limitations in use. For that, you have to buy a premium version for extra space. So don’t worry this article may help you with that.

Suppose, If you have an old computer or laptop which you think that was useless, then I would show you a trick to transform old PC into a home web server.

So, let’s get started.

Step #1: Make sure your old computer support minimum requirements like 1Gb Ram, 128 Gb space CPU, and a registered domain.

Step #2: Now switch ON the system -> Connect wifi router -> Open default web browser

Step #3: Download free licensed Apache HTTP Server in your old PC. Without this software, you can’t do anything.

>> Click here to download Apache Software >>

Step #4: Install and fill your default credentials like Domain name and Email address in the dialogue box.

apache server tutorial

Step #5: Click “Next” and choose the path to install. That’s all, you have done.

Step #6: Now open the “httpd.conf” file in the directory and create a root directory for your website. Like this C:\Website\MyWebsite

Step #7: Its time to change the default Apache root to your website root. Open the “httpd.conf” and follow the above the screenshot.

how to make a computer a server on a network build your own home server

Step #8: Also change some default options in the same file by following below screenshots.

turning a computer into a server

Step #9: Now write a basic HTML program in notepad and save it as “C:\Website\MyWebsite\index.html”

how to make a server computer

–Click here to open a sample program—

Step #10: Open your default browser and type the address, http://localhost/ . It displays your page served by the internet.

how to make a computer a server on a network

Step #11: Get your router IP address given by ISP and ask your friend to type it in his browser. Now your web page is opened in public.

Also, check out these points:

  1. Do this experiment on the used system or laptop.
  2. Windows XP will no longer support this.
  3. Better not to use XAMPP server.

Some Mind-Blowing Facts About Data Centers :

  • Range International Information group is the world’s biggest datacenter situated in 6,320,000 sq.ft area.
  • Google is using more than 1 Million servers in its data centers.
  • More than 509,147 data centers located in the world.
  • An average data center uses the power supply of minimum 1000KV

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Yeah, finally you have learned something new from this article. I think so, you may practically experiment with this. If you have any queries in turning your old pc into a web server, feel free to ask in a comment section. We are always here to reach your tech mind.

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