Top 9 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Geeky Boy/Girl

valentine's day
valentine's day

Admit it!! We all have that one geeky boyfriend/girlfriend in our gang, who is such a weirdo. These guys are much special for their awkwardness and it is true they hold a special place in our hearts always. So, what if we gift them special gifts for this Valentine’s day, the ideas literally based on their geeky type. Here are 9 gift ideas, exclusively for them.

  1. i-bell:

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeky guy

What’s better than gifting an alarm for your early-bird geeky friend? Getting up early is one of the herculean tasks for us. But, they manage it so easily on every Monday mornings. So, you could gift this i-bell which could be connected to the i-phone. The alarm bell is the traditional old metal ringing type bell. It also comes with a cradle, using which you could charge.

Some of the main features of this i-bell would be:

  • App-based usage.
  • Old traditional metal ringing.
  • Works also as a charger by connecting USB cable.

You could purchase this here.


  1. LED light Ironman shirt:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
LED light Ironman shirt

Ironman fan? Here is a t-shirt for men you could gift this Valentine’s Day, which has an Iron Man’s Arc reactor t-shirt. This is officially licensed by Marvel. You could wash this comfortably, whilst removing the LED panel and battery box. This shirt reacts to the sound around and lights up. Four AAA batteries are used for the light purposes in the shirt.


Some of the main features of this shirt are:

  • Volume control for the sensitivity of music.
  • 100% cotton.
  • Battery pack hidden inside inside pocket.

You could purchase this product here.


  1. USB LED Beverage cooler:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
USB LED Beverage cooler

Woah, while gaming or working on the computer, it really irritates to walk up to the fridge and get a drink, right? So, why not get a USB LED beverage cooler, connect it with your laptop and have a chill drink, whenever you feel like having one? Sounds perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, to the geeky computer guy in your life!!!


Some of the main features of this cooler are:

  • One-can cooler.
  • Has a magnetic door closure.
  • 4 feet USB cable.

Get this product here.


  1. Gunnar technology eyewear:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
Gunnar technology eyewear

Glasses complete a geeky guy. Without these, geeks are never geeks. So, get your friends Gunnar technology eyewear, this Valentine’s Day. This helps the user protect them from eyestrain, protects the eyes, improves comfort and visibility. It is quite true that many of us spend long hours with digital devices, that has a direct impact on our eyes.

Some of the main features of this eyewear are:

  • Variety of frames to fit any face shape.
  • Clear vision with lesser eye fatigue.
  • Lightweight frames with different lenses for various eye purposes.

You could purchase these here.


  1. U-Board:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy

Computers are what we face daily for working in. The geeky guys spend exclusive time on their computers. So, gift them this u-board that serves as a glass monitor stand in the computer table. It comes with a mobile and a drink holder. This stand helps you avoid a mess on the table.

Some of the main features of this board are:

  • Glass stand that could withstand up to 15kg.
  • Some stands come with 3 USB ports.
  • Elevates height of your monitor

You could purchase it here.


  1. Buzzing pajama bottoms:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
Buzzing pajama bottoms

Well, here is a tribute to the most famous TV characters till date, Sheldon Cooper. The perfect description of a geek would be this character in the series, Big Bang theory. So, why not gift pajama bottoms, with the famous “Buzzing” all-over-print.

Some of the main features would be:

  • 100 percent cotton.
  • Comfort fit with varied waist sizes.
  • Red lounge pant with black string effect.

You could purchase it here.


  1. Marvel bathrobe:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
Marvel bathrobe

Is your geeky friend a big fan of Marvel? Do they always keep talking about Marvel kinds of stuff? Get him/her a Marvel bathrobe for this Valentine’s Day and just look at him turn all enthused and happy.


Some of the main features are:

  • Officially licensed.
  • 100 percent polyester.
  • Men’s sizing with tie closure.

You could purchase it here.


  1. Useless Box Kit:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
Useless Box Kit

Woah!! Science is all fun when you have to make up things and see the result unfold in front of you. But, here is a box, which you have to build upon your own and at the end, you will have a large black shiny box with a switch outside. With full enthusiasm, you could push the switch to on. A small black finger pops out and pushes back the switch to off. Keep doing the same, and you’ll get back the same response. This is what the useless box kit is all about.


Some of the features of this product are:

  • The most fun and silliest electronic kit ever.
  • Box made of space-age acrylic panels.
  • Brings the most wanted smile on victims.

You could purchase it here.


  1. Periodic Table shower curtain:

Top Christmas Gift ideas for The Geeky Guy
Periodic Table shower curtain

Yes, we agree science is amazing. But, there are these geeky guys who just live their life on science and periodic tables. Even their best jokes would be based only on science.  Do you know any such guys? Oh, wait!! Here is the perfect gift for them, this Valentine’s Day. A Periodic Table shower curtain. Sounds perfect right? Couldn’t wait to see their reaction?

Some of the features of this are:

  • 72 by 72 inches.
  • Tough durable polyester fabric.
  • One-sided printing.

You could purchase it here.

So, these are some of the gifts, you could get for you geeky lover, for this Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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