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Top Programming Languages That Every Developer Must Know In 2018


Hello, It’s Vinayak here.

I know you’re interested in learning programming languages which makes your career strong but there are huge number programming languages out their in the Computer World today.

According to me these are the questions in your mind

Which Programming Languages to choose?

Where to study them?

How to get started?

If you have these questions in your mind then you’re in the right spot.

Let’s have some brief description over Programming Language

Programming Language refers to a High-level language which consists of set of instructions and rules for a Computer to perform specific task.

You can read the full description in Wikipedia to know the history and evolution of Programming Languages.

Let’s come to the point about which Programming Languages to study to land in a Highest Paying Jobs in top IT companies.

To make it much easier for you, I have compiled some of the free and paid Courses for all programming languages. Almost all sources suggested are checked by Vinstechs for the Quality.

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Top Programming Languages For Jobs :


JavaJava is #1 Programming Language and Java is a most popular Programming language in today’s Computer world. Java is #1 Programming language because of it’s amazing and extensible Features which let every Developer to use it in Application Development.

Java is a Class based and Object Oriented Programming Language.

Uses and Real World Applications Of Java:

  • Java is used to Develop Android Apps
  • Java is used in Client-Server Applications
  • Java Web Applications
  • Java is used to Develop Software Tools
  • Java is used in Big Data Technologies (Hadoop)
  • Java is used to Develop Scientific Applications
  • Java is used to Develop Desktop Applications

According to me every one must learn this Amazing Java Language which makes you better in Programming World and even it helps you to get a High Salary in jobs.

Sources To Study:

2. PHP

PhpAcronym for PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP is widely used in Website Development in all over the world. Top IT companies like Facebook, WordPress and Yahoo uses PHP a lot.

Even I prefer this as a best programming language if you’re interested in Website Development. Even you can use it in WordPress site and plugin Development.

It’s a widely used open source scripting language.

Uses and Real World Applications of PHP :

  • PHP is used in E-COMMERCE site Development
  • PHP is used in Development of Project Management tools
  • PHP is used in Development of Facebook Applications
  • PHP is used in Generating PDF Files
  • PHP is used in Parsing XML files
  • PHP is used in Image Processing and Generation
  • PHP is used to Create WordPress Plugins

As I said even I prefer this to learn which makes it easy to Develop Web based Applications. I recommend this language to those who are interested in Web Development and Web based Application Development.  This language makes you really strong in Web Development jobs with high salary.

Sources To Study :

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3. JavaScript

JavaScriptJavaScript is a Dynamic and Super Popular Programming Language which is widely used Developing Web apps in Today’s Computer world.

This a powerful language which is used most in Development of Web apps. I recommend this for Android App Development as well as Desktop App Development.

Uses and Applications Of JavaScript :

  • JavaScript is used to build Dynamic websites
  • JavaScript is used to provide Extended Functionality to Web Pages
  • JavaScript is used in Mobile Application Development
  • JavaScript is used in Desktop Application Development
  • JavaScript is used to create a Pop-ups in Websites

JavaScript is also a recommended language which lands you in a High Paying Jobs in top IT companies.

Sources To Study :

4. Objective – C

Objective - cObjective – C is the primary language of Apple which is used to Develop Mac OS X and iOS.

Now Swift is used as the alternative to Objective – C.

If you’re interested in iOS app Development, then you must learn this objective – C which is highly recommended for iPhone app Development.
This is particularly only used in Apple Development.

Sources To Study :


Here is the List Of Skills Google Want Its Software Engineers To Have

5. Python

PythonPython is also a widely used Programming language which is a easy to read and easy to learn language.

Python is a interpreting language.

It is also a object Oriented Programming Language.

Uses and Applications of Python :

  • Python is used in Software Development
  • Python is used in Development of Desktop GUI’s
  • Python is widely used in Scientific and numeric computing
  • Python is also used in Web Development (Django Framework)
  • Python is also used for Automation

Sources To Study :

6. C++

C++C++ is the efficient and flexible programming language of all time. Every professional Developer must know this language which makes your career as a Developer much stronger.

I recommend C++ programming language to every programmers,  probably even for you.

The craziest thing about C++, it’s even used to develop new Programming Languages. For example: C#, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript are all Developed using C++ language.

Uses and Applications of C++ :

  • C++ is used in Development of new Programming Languages
  • C++ is used in Development of Operating Systems
  • C++ is also used in Development of Graphics and Games
  • C++ is used in Development of Web Browserers
  • C++ is used in Development of compilers
  • C++ is used in Development of Desktop Applications

C++ is surely a important in view of jobs because of it’s extended functionality and efficiency. According to me, it is the good decision to study C++ language.

Sources To Study :

7. R

RR language is mostly used in Statistical Calculations. R language deals with Data analysis and Big data.

Google uses it a lot in Data analysis. R is a powerful language which is based on Maths. It gives more power to Mathematicians.

It’s only for those who are interested in Data analysis and Statistical Calculations. As I said Google uses R language most, So if you want to join Google for Data Analysis then I strongly recommend this for you.

Sources To Study :

Hope you got cleared all your doubts regarding Programming Languages.
According to case study, these are the Top languages to which Top Companies are paying huge amount of salary.

If you have any doubts and any queries, feel free to comment below. Even you can Email me at [email protected]

All the best for your career

Vinayak Ganigerhttps://vinstechs.com
Vinstechs founder and an aspiring Entrepreneur. He is a proud Geek and he is very much passionate about Technology, Ethical Hacking, Programming and Artificial Intelligence. He believes that "In Technology Whatever Can Be Done, Will Be Done". You can Email him at [email protected]


  1. I know about a programming introduction courses of Java. The advantage here is that you’ll have a Interactive walkthrough and buddies that will be able to help you.

  2. Python is an open-source, interpreted language that places an emphasis on highly readable code which is the general purpose programming language. Many thanks for sharing this.

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