Top 7 Best Android Apps From August In 2018

Today, Android App Developers are trying very hard to improve smartphone apps closer to human needs. In fact, hundreds of best Android apps are coming out every-day and it’s hard to track all of them. Last week, I tried some cool apps and created a blacklist. It includes, top android apps, became famous in the month of August 2018. So, let have a look on the list.

Best Android Apps Scored In The Month Of August.

#1 Google Fit

The fitness application from Google play store has been updated and has received many changes in the design. But, in addition, Google Fit has seriously changed inside. Now the application uses a new algorithm for physical activity, developed by Google in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). He is much more motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle than the usual calculation of steps or calories burned.

google fit best android apps august 2018

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#2 Notes by Firefox

Firefox is a great browser for both desktops and mobile devices. If you have it, you should definitely try the new Notes by Firefox application. It uses your Mozilla account to synchronize notes between your Android device and your desktop browser. And end-to-end encryption makes this method of storing information really private.

notes by firefox - best android apps august 2018

#3 Power Shade

A very interesting application that can customize your curtain notifications. Change the color, add or remove buttons, apply different themes – Power Shade will do what you want with your notification area. In this case, many settings can be applied without root access. You can get this app from play store for free.

power shade best android apps august 2018

#4 Cloud – Free Data Backup

New fast and convenient application for creating backups . It would seem, why is it needed if there is a Titanium Backup? However, Cloud has little to do with it. And with this application is completely free. It can copy your messages, contacts, data, notes and other files directly to cloud services, so that in case of any failure quickly restore the original state of the smartphone.

cloud free data backup  best android apps august 2018

#5 Quidd

A great app for a sticker fans. It allows you to collect and insert them into your messages. There are a lot of different characters from the games, movies and serials: Rick and Morty, the heroes of Marvel and Transformers, the characters of Star Trek and “In All Grave”, as well as many others.

quidd best android apps august 2018

#6 Weather

Yes, another weather application. But it differs favorably from the other countless of its counterparts with a simple and stylish interface and easy control. The forecast in real time for Weather is always accurate. And still, you can set up notifications about weather changes and place a nice widget on your desktop.

weather  best android apps august 2018

#7 Mobizen Live Stream to YouTube

This is a tool for creating your own YouTube videos. It does not matter if you’re shooting mobile games, blogging or just want to talk to subscribers on the air. Install the application, go to your YouTube account, choose where to write video – from the camera or from the screen – and use.

mobizen best android apps august 2018

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This is all we listed in this article. Now you can try these best android apps from Google play store. If you found such cool play store stuff, then feedback to us. We are always here to reply your words. Thank you for reaching us.

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