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Top 5 Influential iPhone App Development Trends For 2018


Apple has undoubtedly continued to progress along with today’s dynamically changing end-user demands and market preferences. Either it is about improving the hardware potential or it is simply about introducing newer, intelligent and unique mobile applications, Apple appears on top of the list for a huge pool target audience all across the globe.

From Apple’s iBeacon up to the latest iOS 11, the company officials and global pool of iOS app developers have continued to strive at their best for catering iPhone and iPad users around the world. Let us now get to know the top 5 most influential iOS app development areas that have gained significant momentum in 2018.

Apple’s AR Kit

Back in September 2017, Apple announced a bunch of new inclusions in its product line as well as related technologies, where Augmented Reality Apps backed by the AR Kit appeared on top of the lists. According to most of the sources, almost the majority of audience appreciated and appealed to the all-new AR Kit and its features.

While company officials were demonstrating how Apple’s AR Kit will revolutionize the segment of Augmented Reality based mobile applications, industry analysts from the audience immediately took considerable interest. The adoption of AR Kit by Amazon for its Sumerian application platform which enables developers to develop AR based apps clearly shows the growing importance of AR Kit in 2018.

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Apple’s Core ML

Apple also introduced its machine learning framework named Core ML which has been used by the company for Siri, Camera and QuickType but now, it has been featured for the global pool of iOS application developers so that they can make the most out of Core ML capabilities by infusing it into their iOS apps.

If we look into the iOS app developers end in terms of knowing their response regarding Core ML, it is quite evident that the iOS app development experts from all over the world have highly appreciated this inclusion and suggests it as one of the easiest ways to integrate the power of machine learning in iOS apps while highlighting it as one of the top trending value additions for the 2018 iOS app development industry.

Apple’s AI

Apple has undoubtedly set newer trends and ideas in the global pool of mobile technology by introducing the best in class solutions to its end users in the form of high end iOS mobile apps. Siri which is the Apple’s official intelligent personal assistant is one of those transformational ideas that have reshaped mobile technology and its perception.

While looking into what has been further upgraded in Siri, then the extended support of translations, enriched GPS features and accessing third-party apps are a few most highlighted elements that have gained considerable momentum among the iOS users and will continue to trend in the year 2018.

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Swift programming has been consistently observed progressing faster among other industry top trending programming language. There a number of technical reasons based on which it has become one of the fastest progressing and recommended programming language for iOS app developers. Apple has undoubtedly made a number of newer inclusions and technical upgrades that have further eased the process of iOS app development which is why it will continue to trend higher in the year 2018.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is considered as one of the most secure, reliable and high performing digital payment and wallet solution offered to the Apple’s end users. According to the company officials, It took a minute slice of time to make end users realize the capabilities and flexibility that Apple Pay features to its users. According to the latest market insights, an unexpected increase of 500% was observed in terms of Apple Pay transactions between 2016 and 2017 which is why it has been ranked as one of the most influential elements for iOS app development in 2018.

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