Top 10 Best Accessories For Laptop That Improves Your Workspace

best laptop accessories

Hey, I came back with a lot of gadgets and accessories that fits your workspace in 2018. If you have a laptop and getting troubled for simple things, then you are landed in right place. In this article, I’m gonna share some advanced laptop accessories that make you awesome in 2018. Let’s get started.

Here  is the list of some crazy laptop accessories you must try :

1. MOBICASE -Roving Work

mobicase amazon

Want your laptop look professional? Then MOBICASE is your next to do.It is one and an only basic laptop sleeve that comes with 21in1 portable features. Mobicase looks like laptop briefcase and also includes an inbuilt adjustable stand. Where ever you go, it is easy to carry this workstation bag. You can also keep your profile stuff in safe. Its design supports both Mac and Windows OS laptops up to 13’3 inches displays. In one word, Mobicase is lighter, simpler and suitable accessory for the laptop in 2018.

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ergostand iii

Does your laptop is running too hot? Don’t worry, I’m gonna introduce you ERGO STAND. The best suitable desk accessory for your laptop. Try this new laptop cooling pad that supports multiple features. It includes an expandable cooling pad with adjustable height stand and additional USB ports. Notepal Ergo stand is completely operated in silent mode and protects whatever surface placed on it. With this, the user can incline the stand at different angles and makes so reliable to work.

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omnicharge usb-c


It looks so weird to carry your laptop outside without charger. So, for those people, I got a perfect solution. Check out this new portable laptop power bank, Omnicharge. The Omnicharge stores very high stable backup power upto20,000 maH. It supports various USB ports that fits multiple power appliances like smartphone, tablet and all wireless devices. Omnicharge includes OLED screen that displays in a real-time power stats. And finally, It is the first universal portable power bank in the world.

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satechi usb-c

A USB-C hub is an essential peripheral for any laptop to connect multi ports. But, it is too difficult to find the best USB hub in today market. So, we tested many such similar products and brought you the best hub adapter, Satechi. It is actually made for MacBook Pro and supports other operating systems you are using. It looks simple in design, reliable in use and companion for you. Available in two colours and consists of 2 USB 3.0 ports, 4k HDMI, SD port, Display port, Micro SD port and Ethernet. It serves the delivery speed up to 40GB/sec and pushes 5k displays at 60 Hz.

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toshiba canvio

Want to know the easier way to add high capacity storage to your laptop ? With Toshiba Canvio, you can add an external hard drive to your desktop or laptop. Toshiba Canvio is a portable hard drive available in 1TB to 3TB and is easy to use without installation. It is shockproof resistant and has a ramp loading technology. This 111mm size and 21.4mm thickness peripheral reads the data in 109mb/s and writes  at 106mb/s. Supports USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and applicable for gaming consoles.

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Here, I would like to say some trendy portable accessories used by many of the people in 2018.

a) Xiaomi USB peripherals

After success in smartphone technology, Xiaomi launched its continuous products at all the costs. The two cheapest xiaomi products are USB portable mini fan and LED lamp. These two accessories are going viral and mostly using in laptop workspace.

b)Sherosa 2.4G Portable Headset

Sherosa, a new wireless portable headset cum microphone got listed in best accessories. It is easy to install and consists of wireless Bluetooth, microphone, and headset in the pack box. High sensitivity and convenient to use at long distance.

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logitech z305 price

Logitech Z305 is a discreet solution if you’re a fire of the dark and confined sound of your portable speakers. It is specially designed in a cylindrical long structure which consists of speakers on both the ends. This two-sided portable speaker is made to fix on the top of the laptop display. It is more compatible and serves high-quality sound in the entire work area. Because of its small in size, it occupies less space to keep out.

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airbar for windows

Are you willing to buy touchscreen laptop? Then here’s an advanced peripheral for your existing laptop to turn into a touchscreen display. Yes, you heard right. Neonode introducing Air Bar touch panel that adds touch capability to your laptop screen. It is easy to install and compatible with both laptop and desktop screens. With AirBar you can completely configure your laptop with your fingers.

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odin aurora amazon

Previously, I reviewed about laser keyboard that works virtually, listed in top 10 gadgets. Now, I would like to bring worlds first virtual laser mouse, Odin Aurora. It is highly sensitive and runs with infrared rays. Because of its monster design, it looks so different and allows multi-touch gestures. It is easy to install and setup I can say that it is must have peripheral for a laptop in 2018.

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brother pocketjet thermal printer

Brother Pocket jet 6 is a mini USB portable mobile printer, especially designed for a laptop. It is simple to use and can be carried out anyway. It prints only in black and white, but applicable for multiple devices. The printing speed is highly rated, but it uses only thermal A4 sheets to print. Anyhow, its innovation may upgrade with crazy features.

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All the above list of accessories have been tested and verified. You can also purchase these gadgets by using the link behind it. Thank you for reaching us and hope you got the things what you want. Feedback your reply in above comment box and share with your friends.

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