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Top 10 Hottest Female Hackers In The World


It’s no wonder that Ethical hacking remains to be a multi-billion dollar industry. Ethical Hackers helps to protect the data of companies from unethical hackers. If you think that hacking world is a male dominating industry then probably you are wrong. Because there are female hackers too. It never ends just with female hackers, there are some hot and sexy female hackers too? What???

Today we list down the top ten famous hottest female hackers in the World.


  1. Adeanna Cooke:


Top 10 Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Adeanna Cooke

Adeanna Cooke is a renowned self-trained hacker and is famous for her ethical hacking skills. Formerly she was engaged as a playboy model. Her career as a hacker began when one of his old friends morphed her face with another body without clothes with a motive to earn money. When she came across her pictures on some random websites, without informing to any authorities she took the matter into her own hands and hacked such websites. She is popularly called as ‘Hacker Fairy’ within the industry. Really brave right!!!

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  1. Ying Cracker:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker, professionally a professor from Shanghai (China) teaches her students about the first taste of hacking (basics). She was known to the world from ‘Chinese hottie hackers’ forum that got a huge fan base. Her performance changed her surname to ‘Crackers’. She created the ‘now-infamous hacking team’ when she was just 18 years old. She earns a decent money by writing hacker software to protect the data of companies. Won’t you learn the tactics of ethical hacking from a hot girl?

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  1. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya

She is a passed out student from New York University, and most of the people recognize her from high-end hacking skills. She has hacked a number of servers of the bank which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. She created Trojans which monitored and steal passwords and later on used the passwords to drain at least 2 million dollars per month. She was arrested and later on was released after signing a bond and paying the bail amount. She also uses various social networks and enjoys to communicate with her fans.

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  1. Xiao Tian:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Xiao Tian


Xiao Tian is a Chinese hacker became famous when she was 19 by forming a female hacking group called ‘China girl security team’. Tian expanded the group which became the largest female hacking group in China with around 2200 members. She stands as the best example to show that women do have enough skills. This female hacking group has tie-ups with many biggest hacking groups around the world. They also have tie-ups with some non-famous hacking groups.

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  1. Anna Chapman:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, a prominent Russian hacker was arrested in New York City with other nine people and was charged with working for a spy organization under the Russian federations external intelligence agency. As Chapman was guilty of acting as agent for a foreign government without the prior approval of United States General Authority, was cast out to Russia by canceling the US citizenship. To educate people she was appointed as a young guard for a political party in Russia.

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  1. Joanna Rutkowska:

Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Joanna Rutkowska


‘Not all hackers are bad’ stands a perfect example Joanna Rutkowska. In a black hat briefing convention held in 2006, she shocked the world by demonstrating two simple technique of hacking into windows vista beta. She also published a technique called ‘blue pill’ which allowed to transfer a running operating system into a virtual machine (it was long before the worldwide use of virtual machines). She also gives lectures at different seminars and works closely with some big hardware and software companies.

Profile Links:   Wikipedia


  1. Raven Adler:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Raven Adler

She is recognized as a most gifted and intelligent hacker in the world. She graduated her high school at the age of 14 and obtained her college degree at the age of 18. Adler became the first woman to give a presentation at DefCon’s, one of the world’s famous conference for hackers. She works for large federal agencies to draft hack detecting systems and many other devices. She regularly gives lectures for big companies and also publishes her articles in industry magazines.

Profile Links:  HackStory


  1. Gigabyte:

Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World


Gigabyte is popularly known for her illegal works. She was born and brought up in Belgium. She wrote her first virus when she was 14. She also wanted to prove to this world that women too can write viruses and can be dangerous hackers. She is believed to be the sole creator of many high-end viruses which includes Sahay-A, Sharp-A, and Coconut-A. In spite of viruses that were created to steal the private information, these viruses were created to destroy the information itself. Recently she was arrested near Brussels and was released on bail within 24 hours. Currently, she is charged with 3 years of imprisonment for stealing the private data and over 100,000 Euros in fines.

Profile Links:     Wikipedia


  1. Natasha Grigori:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Natasha Grigori

She started her career as a hacker in 1980’s but became famous only in the year 1990’s for her war against child pornography. She is the founder of AntiChildPorn.Org (ACPO). Unfortunately, Natasha died on Nov 2005 due to severe illness. But the organization (ACPO) formed by her is still operating continuously.

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  1. Susan Headley:


Top Hottest Female Hackers In The World
Susan Headley

She was popularly called by the name ‘Susan thunder’. Headley claims that she was a drop out from eighth grade after a difficult childhood. To earn money for her living she worked as a prostitute in California. She got an opportunity to meet hacker Kevin Mitnick and Lewis de Payne with whom she formed a gang called ‘phone phreaks’. She was one of the members of a hacking group called ‘Cyberpunks’ and was well known for her social engineering skills. In later 90’s, she was elected as a city clerk in public office in California.

Profile Links:  Wikipedia

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