Check Out These Top 10 GPS Drones And Their Features In 2018

Drones with GPS and fpv

Vinstechs presents the Top 10 best GPS drones. Let’s get started with the list.

#10 Hubsan

Hubsan best drone with GPS and cameraStarting off our list at number 10. Whizzing around put the Hubsan H501S X4 in FPV mode is one way to have some high-flying fun on a budget.

Features :

  • Headless operation
  • Automatic return
  • Altitude hold
  • Follow me option

You’re getting pretty good value for your money. It is easy to operate and the charging time is about 150 minutes. However, it doesn’t have any obstacle detection or avoidance.

#9 UPair One Plus

Upair one plus is a GPS quad copterAt number nine the Upair one plus is reasonably priced and well suited to newbies.

Features :

  • FPV auto follow
  • Advanced route planning
  • Automatic return option with on key

It offers a position held at a headless mode but there are no obstacle avoidance sensors and the performance is unreliable in some modes.

#8 PowerVision PowerEgg

Powervision poweregg drones with GPS and fpvComing in at number eight on our list, taking a wholly unique approach to unmanned flying, the PowerVision PowerEgg.
It brings together a GPS Bay to dual positioning system with gestural controls and curved arms that are attracted to the oval-shaped body to protect idle propellers and landing gear from loss or damage.

Features :

  • CMOS Optical sensors
  • Orbital subject tracking

The only drawback it has is, it is heavier than other models.

#7 Yuneec Typoon H

Yuneec typhoon drone with GPS autopilotYuneec Typoon H Pro, a hexacopter, using intelligent obstacle avoidance to protect its payload at speeds of up to 43 and a half miles per hour.

Features :

  • 360 Degree Anti-Vibration 4k camera
  • Retractable Landing Gear

We can take vivid snapshots and be filming high-resolution videos in 8 different flight modes. It builds a 3d model of its surroundings and its maximum air time is about 25 minutes.

#6 Sky Viper

Skyviper gps autopilot quadcopterMoving up our list to number six. Sky Viper 2450 GPS, one of the least expensive options for dual positioning with GLONASS. It is an excellent choice for learning the in’s and out’s of working with remote-controlled aircraft and mobile image capturing technology.

Features :

  • The adjustable wide-angle camera lens
  • One key return home
  • D drifting altitude hold

#5 DJI Inspire 2

DJI inspire 2Halfway up our list at number five. DJI Inspire 2, an equipped drone to take the business of aerial photography.

Features :

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Pro-resolution recording
  • 2 Axis gimbal stabilization

Retractable landing gear helps to keep the field of view free from obstructions providing cinematic image quality for those who can afford it. It also offers high-speed target tracking cinema DNG.

#4 Holy Stone

Holy stone GPS tracking droneAt number 4, bringing the best of pricier options within the reach of budget-conscious buyers is the Holy stone HS 100.

Features :

  • Automatic safe return
  • FPV streaming
  • Altitude hold
  • Follow me tracking

It also features an easy one key launch and landing a headless mode operation and dual positioning with blueness.

#3 DJI Spark

DJI spark new generation droneNearing the top of our list. At number three, designed to take the art of capturing selfies to the next level, the diminutive DJI spark is a credible threat to its rivals and remotely operated photography.

Features :

  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Active subject tracking
  • Gestural controls

It offers up to 16 minutes of flying time and wind resistant stabilization along with facial recognition.

#2 Autel Robotics X-Star

Autel technologies drone with GPS and fpvAt number 2, the Autel robotics X-star GPS drone.

Features :

  • Dual GPS GLONASS positioning
  • 3 axis gimbal stabilization
  • 4k Ultra HD camera

It comes with its own custom hard-sided case, fast charging power supply, 64 GB microSD card and extra replacement parts. It boasts HD FPV by the StarLink mobile app, magnetic interference protection, and an intuitive controller.

#1 DJI Mavic Pro

DJI mavik pro drone with sensor technology

Features :

  • Dual navigation system
  • Integrated Sensor Technology
  • Quick target reaching

Coming in at number 1 on our list, compact and portable enough to tuck into your backpack. The DJI Mavic pro offers exceptional stability with precise positioning and industry-leading power technology. In a remarkably fast and thrifty quadcopter, you can take almost anywhere. It is the fastest traveling drone with a 40 mile per hour top speed.

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