Top 10 Best Android Apps For 2019

best android apps for 2019

What makes a smartphone “smart” is its applications. In Android precisely there are 2.6 million apps are available, and this means that there are apps for everything. Here we compile the opposite extreme: the best Android apps for 2019.

We bring you the most useful apps from yesterday and today. We will update this article frequently to add new applications that you should not miss. Now, let’s get started…

#1 Action Dash

We start the list with one of the most recent apps: Action Dash. From the creator of the famous Action Launcher launcher, it is the same concept as Google’s ‘Digital Wellbeing’.

Like Google’s digital well-being, it allows you to keep track of your activities. Like how long you use each application, how many notifications and how many times you have unlocked your mobile. It has no tools to limit the use of apps at the moment, so its use is informative for now.

#2 Canva

Have you ever wondered how people create awesome designs in social networks? Sometimes it is not necessary to create artworks in Photoshop, but an application with ready-to-use templates is available for you. So that you can easily create images for Instagram, Facebook Stories or any other purpose.

With more than 60,000 free templates, the hard part will be that you don’t find one that meets your requirements. No matter it is an Instagram post, a birthday card, a logo or anything else, adding your own photos and texts. Create anything you like in an easy way.

#3 Feedly

Sometimes, it is important to read the latest news around you. That’s exactly what Feedly does, one of the easiest ways to follow a lot of blogs and topics from a single place. In Feedly, you can keep up to date on any topic, with a clear interface that makes reading enjoyable and the ability to save articles for late.

#4 Manga Plus

There are a lot of applications to read comics. But. Manga is an official, legal, free and includes a lot of popular manga publications worldwide.

Among the titles available are One Piece, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note or Dragon Ball. The application is available in various languages.

#5 Nova Launcher

Do not be fooled by the name, Nova Launcher has come back again. The app has already existed for more than seven years. But, it is one of the most consistent launchers, with constant updates to keep it relevant and improving the legacy that is getting bigger. It frequently acts on the launchers’ Robin Hood, bringing to the masses what is available exclusively for Pixel mobiles.

It is not the most customizable launcher and perhaps not the prettiest. But if something has stood out all these years, Nova is to have a good balance between functions, constant development, and stability. While other pitchers come and go, Nova Launcher prevails.

#6 Pocket Casts

It is an open secret that Android users do not like to pay for apps. But an app like Pocket Casts, which is worth $3.99, exceeds one million downloads, something must be doing well.

For years it has been considered to be the best application to listen to podcasts on Android and recently renewed its design. Google threatens its reign with its new Podcasts app, but for now, it is extremely simple in comparison.

#7 Snapspeed

Snapseed, now owned by Google, is one of the best apps for editing and retouching photos on Android. It has a wide range of tools ranging from a simple crop to advanced settings.

Its main asset is that it is completely free, with no ads or surprises. And that these advanced settings are very easy to apply with a couple of taps, with the majority of preset tools ready to use.

#8 VLC Player

In the world of Android video players, there are some names that always come out, such as VLC or MX Player. VLC is the only one that marks all the boxes, with support for Chromecast, subtitles and its own codecs.

If you use VLC on the PC, the Android version is a worthy successor that includes advanced features. Such as floating window mode or searching and downloading subtitles directly from the application.

#9 TOF views – Night Vision

It is one of the “revelation” applications of the year, despite being a relatively simple concept. This app uses the TOF sensor of the mobile camera to generate a kind of night vision image.

The result is a bit pixelated and the support is limited to mobiles with TOF sensor and compatible with CameraApi2. But it is not surprising that in total darkness you can get an idea of ​​what you have in front, even if it is pixelated.

#10 Google Gallery GO

At the end of July Google surprised us with its new gallery app called Gallery Go. After years in which we had made the idea that Google Photos is what we had, for better or worse.

Gallery Go is an old-fashioned, offline and simple gallery app , focused on the photos you have stored on your mobile. With basic options – but sufficient in most cases – for editing.

#11 Reflectly

Following a diary with what you do or stop doing every day can be boring. So, you need something new, right. In Reflectly that help comes from the hand of an impeccable interface with animations that won a Google Material Design Award.

Beyond its appearance, Reflectly is a personal diary focused on dealing with negative thoughts, increasing positivity. In which you can save your structured reflections and get motivational content every morning.

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