TikTok Owner Launches Its Snapchat Clone Called Duoshan

Bytedance launches Duoshan

Snapchat has not only dealt with one who copies their features but also those who make clones of their application. In this sense, Bytedance, the company behind the TikTok, has just announced the release of Duoshan, for now, this clone app will stay within the Chinese market.

As noted in VentureBeat, Duoshan is an app, available for Android and iOS platforms, designed for users to show their creativity by creating and sharing their own videos on the platform, interacting with other people.

Keep in mind that Duoshan allows you to create short videos that also have maximum durability since it disappears within 72 hours after posting. In addition, the likes and comments will not be exposed publicly, instead, they will be offered to users privately.

Regarding the functionality of the application, once users access it, they will only find two sections: one they can publish custom videos and others for the discovery of the most outstanding videos. As they point out from the aforementioned media, WeChat is blocking the Duoshan download links within its own platform.

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