TikTok Ban Continues In India With $500000 Daily Loss

TikTok banned in india continues

We already know that TikTok has been banned in India for having pornographic content and cyberbullying. With this, the Chinese company is facing financial losses of up to $ 500,000 per day. If the rejection continues in union territories, then more than 250 employees will be fired up.

As of Wednesday (17), Indians will no longer be able to download TikTok on Android or iOS through the platforms’ official apps stores. The app was heavily criticized for its inability to control what may or may not be published in the short videos. Its developer still tried to challenge the government’s decision by citing “freedom of expression“. However, its appeal was rejected and ban implemented throughout the country.

In recent days, social networks ended up gaining fame due to problems related to the availability of sexually explicit content and cyberbullying. In addition, it was also reported that a man jumped in front of the train due to cyberbullying and another who committed suicide in Mumbai for having been scolded by a grandmother for using the application.

In an effort to reverse potential sanctions, TikTok has confirmed that it will hire an employee specifically to handle cases related to bullying.
However, it seems that the problem is not exclusively the TikTok platform, and there are also similar problems in Bigo Live, which has approximately 150 million users around the world.

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