These Solar Panels Work With Interior Light

solar cell

A group of Swedish and Chinese scientists has developed organic solar cells to convert indoor ambient light into electricity. From their reports, the power they produce is low and enough to feed the millions of IoT’s over the next few years.

The main leaders have been Wuming Wang, a Ph.D. student, and Jonas Bergqvist, a principal research engineer in the solar cell laboratory. They analyzed the need we have when the IoT’s expands both in public spaces and in homes. Many of these will be sensors to detect and measure humidity, particle concentrations, temperature, and other parameters. For this reason, the demand for small and cheap sources of renewable energy is increasing rapidly. This will reduce the need for frequent and expensive battery replacements.

This is where organic solar cells come in. They are flexible, cheap to manufacture and suitable for manufacturing on large surfaces. Its light-absorbing layer consists of a mixture of donor and receptor materials. It provides considerable flexibility to tune the solar cells. So, they are optimized for different spectra, for a light of different wavelengths.

The Biomolecular and Organic Electronics research group has for many years been a world leader in the field of organic solar cells. Pretty sure, they will come to the sources of energy that will power our smart home appliances in the future.

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