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10 Of The Best Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now


Google Chrome is the best web browser and unworthy of other web browsers because of its functionality, flexibility, and expandability options through add-ons. Now that we’re talking about add-ons, users can easily find many types of add-ons for their Google Chrome web browser and most of them are only related to navigation needs, to adjust the performance of different networks.

This only ends the limit, Chrome users can also find many other useful modules and in case the user is a student and is waiting to find Chrome extensions related to help to study only then they can also find it. Now, finding the best extensions for Chrome is not easy from the big list, so if you’re also trying to find the best-categorized extension for students, then you can also be confused. To help you, we have listed the best possible Chrome extensions for students in this article. Just read to know about them!

Check List of 10 Chrome Extensions You Need To Go

1.Last Pass

Remembering the password can hurt your productivity and so many services, it is impossible to remember everything in a human way.LastPass wants to simplify this process by generating new secure passwords each time you sign in to a website. After installing the Chrome extension, you can enter the account credentials for the websites LastPass should retain. The service will also ask you if you want to remember certain login information each time you sign in to a website in Chrome.

2.Ookla – speed test

There is little more frustrating than slow Internet speeds when you try to do things. The Speedtest plugin will actually do nothing to improve a bad connection, but it will let you know how bad it is. The extension will run a fast ping test and provide download and download speeds. At least you have data to complain to your service provider / IT department.


Ghostery is one of the most trusted Chrome extensions in terms of privacy. The extension works tirelessly to eliminate all types of robots that could be placed on a website. Ghostery automatically blocks all crawlers, so users can choose to allow a specific website to track their data. This only applies to the website that users have full confidence in and who wants to access their data.


Most of us sometimes make typographical errors. You can even lose the occasional mistake. Grammar aims to solve your mishaps with an intelligent and functional spelling checker and grammar built into your browsing experience. Whether it’s a tweet or a long post on Facebook, Grammarly can save you a lot of time and embarrassment.

5.Social Blade

Compatible with Social Networks, Socialblade is a new add-on that gives you information about the videos you watch. User information, such as Instagram followers, estimated AdSense revenue, and YouTube view are displayed in an interface next to what you are looking at so that you can check the performance of your favorite competitors and users.

6.HTTPS everywhere

People need privacy especially when they spent on browsing websites and shopping online. But sometimes, search engines make them trouble with spams. Https Everywhere is the only chrome extension that can virtually convert websites with ‘http’ into secured ‘https’ websites. This only works on small sites that do not have an SSL certificate.

7.Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang is an awesome chrome plugin that enables you to plan emails and track messages you sent. This chrome add-on comes with time and date setup option so that you can send quick emails at any fixed time you need. This extension clearly monitor all the emails and notifies you

8.Awesome Capture

Awesome capture a well-known display capture extension that makes you capture web page directly on one click. With this extension, one can able to edit and do changes on snapshot picture. The premium version costs free so that you can able to use it with all the updated stuff. More than 2 million people are using this chrome plugin and still rated at the top.


Nobody likes when retailers send spam with updates and newsletters, even if they include coupons. Honey, a new extension that such hassles by pulling codes with the push of a button. Once the extension is installed, simply press the button during your shopping cart. It works with commercial sites such as Target, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon and Macy’s, among others.

10.Slide Notes

Sidenotes is a great tool to target quickly while browsing the web. As its name suggests, the extension starts an empty notebook in a sidebar next to a website so you can take notes without having to switch between applications or windows. These notes are saved in Dropbox so you can access them later.

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Automated Chrome extensions for online booking :

  1. Tatkal Ticket Now: Popular chrome extension to book tatkal rail tickets in an easy way.
  2. Flash Sale Auto Buy: An extension bot that automatically buys the flash sale products in Amazon and Flipkart

All the above chrome extensions are available only in chrome web store and beware of using third-party add-ons. And let me know your feedback in the comment section. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates.

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