Tesla Would Launch Self-Driving Taxi Service By 2020

Tesla self driving taxi

In the context of Tesla Autonomy Day, many interesting features were announced, among them, the plans of Elon Musk to give life to autonomous taxi service.

According to estimates, Tesla would launch this service, called Robotaxi, in 2020. The main proposal is to shift Teslas cars in the streets, as well as owners interested in getting into this new business.

Tesla self driving taxi

In this first stage, only the owners of Model S or Model 3 can aspire to participate in this service. They will have different options to choose to join the fleet of Tesla taxis, according to their preferences. Of course, owners can unsubscribe their vehicles from this service at any time.

This service of autonomous taxis will make its debut in the United States, although it will not be available in all regions since it depends on the corresponding regulations. However, Tesla says that in those areas where they are enabled, the service will work even if there are no cars available since the company will use its own fleet.

Tesla self driving taxi

Users who want to use the service will have to use an app, which will give them the options to request the car, according to the time or location they require. Also, this service will seek to lower costs compared to traditional service.

So far, everything is on track to see this autonomous car service in action sometime next year. Let us see if they achieve their objectives and meet the expectations of users.

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