Telegram Will Launch Its Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Before October 31

Telegram cryptocurrency

In March, we echoed Telegram’s intention to launch its own blockchain and cryptocurrency platform. TON (Telegram Open Network), the Telegram blockchain, would have certain advantages over bitcoin, although the project was canceled after raising $ 1.7 billion. However, Telegram has restored the project with the initial investment, everything being prepared for its launch on October 31.

TON and Gram are close to launch

According to global media, there is a condition to launch the cryptocurrency and blockchain before October 31. Although the project is delayed, the clause is responsible for Telegram’s work come to light.

Telegram cryptocurrency

The launch of the Telegram cryptocurrency and blockchain would be accessible to its 200 million users. That to, only who would have access to a new digital wallet for the Gram. The main objective of Gram is to be a currency focused on fast transfers.

As we read previously, the Telegram cryptocurrency is similar to Libra, the Facebook cryptocurrency. It matches in terms of its mechanics, which revolves around an application and a social network. On the other hand, Gram will have a volatile valuation just like bitcoin.

The launch is scheduled before October 31, 2.89 Grams will be put into circulation, the equivalent of the $ 1,700 investment available to Telegram.

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