Technology In Hotels: From Smart Bands To Chatbots

hotel technologies 2019

Hotels are one of the sectors that adapt quickly to new technologies, always with the aim of increasing customer safety, reducing risks and reducing costs, and for this, they have been adopting several interesting solutions during the last years.

From the already classic electronic keys to the practical temperature management systems in the shower, the innovation does not stop surprising, and now we present three solutions that are entering this category, solutions in this case made by Oracle.

#1 Smart wristbands : This is a wearable that has begun to be used at International Luxury Hotels, a wristband that allows tourists to speed up payments, hiring hotel services easily without having to carry the card. They can order from drinks in the pool to buy things in establishments of third companies, like stores inside the hotel, for example.

#2 Chatbots: The development of virtual assistants is a trend in high, and it all starts with the chatbots, used in the customer service systems to allow from making inquiries to book restaurants. The idea is possible, in the medium and long term, to have an assistant in each room with whom we can talk to ask for things, as well as to manage light, water, TV and other services.

#3 Booking management: There are fewer and fewer hotels that have a local reservation management system, migration in the cloud is essential for data synchronization and information analysis. Radisson Hotel Group is already carrying out the migration to modernize the reserve management systems, which will allow a short time to study the information using Artificial Intelligence, something that may be useful to make better forecasts.

Attendees, Internet of Things, data in the cloud … are just three examples of everything that is being cooked in the hotel sector around the world. With the arrival of the 5G will accelerate this implementation of technological innovation in what they call Hotels 4.0.

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