TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women’s Hacking Competition

TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women's Hacking Competition

Hacking is an art of computer coding and manipulating computer hardware. Every tech geek, for a second in its lifetime, wanted to become a hacker. There happens a good number of hacking contests, both offline and online in India. If you are thinking hacking world is a men dominating kingdom then you are wrong, because of a handful of beautiful women are exists in this world of hackers. No matter what a hacker may be, they are known for their resourcefulness and their knowledge of complexity theory. For those women hackers, here there is an opportunity to win rewards.

TechGig, this year, conducting a global hacking competition for women techies on behalf of biggest tech celebrations. If you participated in this competition, you can interact with the leading women in technology and witness their successful tech implementations.

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Here are the specifications of the contest:

  • One gets an opportunity to showoff their writing skills, exercise, and creative thinking through blogs and get recognition at the National level.
  • One can stand a chance to win Rs.1000 worth Amazon vouchers every week.
  • One can also get an opportunity to interact with top women Techies in technology.
  • Also, chance to share one’s opinions/stories freely here.

It also covers a plethora of other online events based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, competitive programming, cryptography, application development, and more.

TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women's Hacking Competition

This is an opportunity for you to interact with the best technologists and to witness their successful technological implementations. Do not miss it. This competition is still on live and there are only 30 days.

TechGig Geek Goddess 2018: Women's Hacking Competition

If you want to register quickly or for more details, then here’s the link to visit the contest site.

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