TeamViewer Surprises Us With Its Augmented Reality Feature

Teamviewer Pilot

Millions of people around the world use TeamViewer’s solution to communicate with other people remotely. Its system, which allows us to give another person access to our computer with a single code, has helped a lot in many sectors, and in the MWC they showed us two projects that can help even more:

Solution to IoT management: They have a kit that allows us to monitor the variables captured by remotely installed sensors. Using a TeamViewer IoT account we can see the temperature, humidity or any other data that remote sensors are capturing. The approach is different from what we have seen so far with TeamViewer, since it is not about controlling computers or supporting remote computers, but having a sensor control panel installed.

Augmented Reality Solution, TeamViewer Pilot: This is what most caught our attention since it is directly integrated with the initial idea of facilitating remote management. We can connect to someone on the other side of the world, and while he points to real objects with his finger on his tablet, we see indicators in Augmented Reality that point to what has been pointed out. No doubt, this AR feature stands high in virtual collaborations.

TeamViewer Pilot is priced at Rs.1200 per month and can be used by following the steps specified directly on Here you have it on video:

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