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Solution To Fix Insufficient Storage Problem In Android Smartphones


Many users fear the day when their smartphones tell them that there is no internal storage available, that is, the phone’s memory is full or insufficient storage. Apps, photos, videos, and saved songs can run out of storage space, so you need to release.

However, sometimes as much as you delete you cannot free enough space in the memory of your Android phone. It seems that it is never enough for the system, which demands the release of more and more storage space.

To get out of the quagmire of the full memory without having to run out of apps or photos, we give you some tricks to free up internal storage space in Android. There are several ways to prevent the fateful message from appearing to you continuously, and we already told you that not everything is solved using a larger MicroSD.

To begin, you must differentiate between internal and external storage. However much capacity your MicroSD has, the applications and other files are stored in the memory that comes with the phone itself. When it is full, problems begin to arise. A good way to start is to go to the section Storage in Settings to see what more deals before giving the solution to the message of memory full on Android.

Move files and applications to MicroSD

This trick to free memory in Android does not require to erase applications, although it does not work with all or in all the mobiles. However, it is worth trying, since the potential savings is important.

Move files and applications to MicroSD

Normally smartphones have 16 or 32GB of internal storage, while they support up to 128GB via MicroSD card. This means that it is much better to save any app that allows it. The way to check it is to Go to Settings> Applications and select some of those that did not come pre-installed with the system. Not everyone can move to the card but some can.

Depending on the size of the app it will take more or less time to transfer. When you have finished you should bear in mind that if you change your card, the application will stop working.

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The same process can be repeated with the files, although in this case, you have to do it manually. Open the File Explorer – if you do not have it you must download some – and look for the Internal Memory folder. Search there the audio, video and photos clips and move them to the folder of your SD.

Save the photos and videos on Memory Card

When you insert a MicroSD in your phone, Android suggests you save all the photos you take with the camera. Currently, a good photo can occupy up to 10MB of space. Multiplied by hundreds of photos are many GB of space that you must free on your mobile.

The best way to cure is to prevent. If you have not selected the memory card as the default storage for photos, you are still on time. This way you will save the message in memory fills that sooner or later appear on your phone if you do not.

Even more flagrant is the case of video. If you do not save it on the card you can eat your storage in a matter of minutes. There are already many smartphones that record video in Full HD 1080p, whose video minute can go over 100MB in weight.

Delete everything that is not essential

If you have not used an application for more than a week, you probably do not need it. And if you need it, you can reinstall it when you use it. So you’re taking the time to remove it from your mobile.

The same goes for all those photos and videos that you never see but that you keep as if you had digital Diagnosis syndrome. Go to the Gallery and review everything that is left over. Then press the Delete button without any remorse.

Both the videos recorded with your mobile and the ones you have received through WhatsApp, email or downloaded from the Internet occupy a lot of memory, a lot. They are the first candidates to go to the trash. Do not tremble your pulse with the file folder WhatsApp. The memes are fine, but it’s better to free up a lot of internal storage space in the memory of your Android mobile. To clean has been said.

Finally, there is a trick to free up insufficient storage in Android. More than a trick is something that perhaps you had overlooked: the download folder. It is in the internal storage of the mobile and little by little it is filled with documents, APK and other files more or less heavy. Go there and finish with everything dispensable.

Google Photos and Drive: your files, better in the cloud

Saving your files in the cloud has several advantages. The first one is that they do not get lost in it. They can steal your phone or you can destroy it without losing all those beloved photos or an essential document.

Google Photos and Drive your files, better in the cloud

The other benefit, the one that occupies us almost immediately, is that if you upload your photos and files to the cloud you save having to delete them to free up storage space in Android.

There are many options, but the two best are Google Photos and Drive. Both tools are integrated seamlessly into the operating system, especially Photos, which automatically backs up all your photos in the cloud. You just have to access the app and activate the synchronization.

If you select the upload in high quality instead of original, you have unlimited space. The same does not happen in Google Drive, a cloud in which you must prioritize and upload only the most important and valuable.

Use Lite Apps

Facebook has a well-deserved reputation as a resource devourer. Moreover, it eats the RAM memory, the battery and the memory of any phone, which is why the company has had to release an old or low-end Lite version for smartphones.

Use Lite Apps to reduce insufficient storage

However, anyone can download it. Both Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite are available on Google Play for all users. They occupy considerably fewer megaphones than their older brothers, both in the main memory and in the cache.


You can install them instead of the main apps to dodge the message of little internal storage space in Android. Replace one application with another and avoid having to do without them. The service is the same, although the interface changes a lot.

Hence, you finally get rid out of insufficient storage in your phone and pls help others by sharing this article. Also, drop your comments and feedback us from below comment section.

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