Samsung Launches Cheap Chromebook Laptops: 15.6 Inches Screen With 6GB RAM

Samsung Chromebook 4

We have new Chromebooks from Samsung. The Korean firm has just launched two new devices for the most basic segment whose main differences are the size of its screen and the number of USB Type-C ports. They respond to the name of Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4+ and, for the moment, remain in the United States.

Both are quite basic, they have no touch screen or stylus compatibility like the Hp. But it is something that is supplemented with a price tag of $300 in the case of the most powerful model.

Very Close Similarities

Samsung Chromebook 4

As you can see, both devices are very similar. They share the amount of RAM, the processor, and the integrated graphics card, that is, both models have 4 or 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 32 or 64 GB eMMC, the Intel Celeron N400 processor and Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics. Simple components where they exist.

In terms of connectivity, both Chromebooks have WiFi 5 and Bluetooth. As well as a reader for microSD cards, USB A port, and USB Type-C port. This is where we see one of the differences between both devices. And the Chromebook 4 has only USB Type-C port and Chromebook 4+ has two ports.

Samsung Chromebook 4

One can find the differences in the size of the screens and in the resolution. The Chromebook 4 mounts an 11.6-inch LCD panel with HD resolution (1,366 x 768 pixels). While its older brother opts only 15.6-inch LCD whose resolution amounts to FullHD (1,920 x 1,080). In both cases, we have a 720p webcam integrated into the upper frame.

Prices & Availability

Samsung’s new Chromebooks are currently available in the United States. One can be purchased silver color at BestBuy and the Samsung official website. The price starts at $ 229.99 for Chromebook 4 and $ 299.99 for Chromebook 4+. Very soon will land on global markets. Ofcourse, they are very cheap compare to Microsofts new

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