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Samsung Introduced Its New Robots And A Portable Exoskeleton


In the framework of CES 2019, Samsung showed a preview of its upcoming robotic platforms. One of the robots that showed on stage during the presentation was Samsung Bot Care, designed to monitor the health of users, in certain circumstances. For example, check vital signs, sleep habits, provide important information about the patient’s health, warn about taking medication, etc.

It works just like a virtual assistant, allowing you to receive orders through voice commands. According to the plans that Samsung has shared, in the future, they intend to integrate the possibility of controlling it remotely.

Other proposals designed for the home is Samsung Bot Air, an air quality monitor, which we can also expect to have intelligent functions. On the other hand, Samsung Bot Retail aims to improve the dynamics in factories or facilities, since its dynamics will allow carrying loads or packages from one side to another.

Samsung not only presented its series of robots with varied functions but also mentioned Samsung Bot Gems, an exoskeleton that will make it easier for users to carry heavy loads, without having to make efforts or movements that harm their health.

At the moment, no more details about their robotic projects have been mentioned, so we will have to wait to know the potential of their functions and the dynamics they propose.

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