Samsung HMD Odyssey +: New Generation Of VR Headset

Samsung HMD Odyssey + VR Headset

In an exclusive event, Samsung announced the new generation of VR headset for the public and the market. The new Samsung HMD Odyssey + offers the best virtual reality technology available today and promises to literally take users to other worlds.

New Samsung HMD Odyssey +

The new Samsung headset is an evolution of the previous device, now with much higher settings. In addition to refurbished design, the headset has a display DUAL AMOLED of 616 PPI resolution with 3.5 inch lenses each, allowing viewing angle 110 degrees.

Samsung HMD Odyssey + VR Headset

The difference is that for the perception of the user, the resolution increases considerably, reaching 1,233 PPI definition! It is such a high quality that the user will really have the experience of feeling immersed in a new reality.

The dual screen still has Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE). This new technology leaves the space between the pixels invisible, increasing the resolution and ending the perception that the image is divided by black lines.

In addition, one of the advantages of Anti-SDE is to prevent users from suffering from dizziness or nausea, allowing players to extend their enjoyment for long periods without causing discomfort.

Sound and comfort in 3D

In addition, the headset also features built-in headphones and microphones with AKG sound quality , producing a special 360-degree sound, providing clear and accurate acoustics from all angles. This amplifies the user experience with games and other applications that make use of virtual reality.

Samsung HMD Odyssey + VR Headset

The model is also lighter than the previous one, weighing only 590 grams , guaranteeing more comfort and with a better fit on the user’s face. The presence of integrated volume controls still allows the player to easily adjust the volume whenever needed.

Controls and connections

The Samsung HMD Odyssey + also comes with special controls called 6 degrees of freedom. Similar to the joysticks in the newer versions of Oculus Rift and HTC Life that allow the user to interact more naturally and immersive with the virtual environment.

The controls are so precise that they can detect all movements and distances traveled, responding quickly to the slightest movement of the user. This allows the player a more natural gameplay and also means reducing any dizziness during matches.

Samsung HMD Odyssey + VR Headset

Another novelty is the Bluetooth connection integrated to the glasses, having a direct connection with the controls and making the configuration simpler. That is, simply plug the HDMI and USB cables directly into the notebook or computer. In addition, the joysticks are already paired with the glasses, so that the user starts playing immediately after starting to use the device.

New “Flashlight” mode

Another new feature is the “Flashlight” mode, which allows the cameras to display the environment around the user in real time. With just one command, this is a comfortable and convenient way to be watchful if the player loses the notion of space during an electrifying match

Launch and price

The Samsung HMD Odyssey + headset will be marketed from February 22 in the amount of $3,499. Below you can check the complete technical specifications of this incredible device.

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