Qualcomm Promises Smartphones With 192 Megapixel Cameras

Qualcomm next generation smartphones

By the end of the year, Qualcomm promises to introduce smartphones with 64 or even 100-megapixel photosensors. The megapixel war could be revived!

Qualcomm has recently updated the specifications of its mid-range / high-end chips, adding that these processors were able to support images up to 192 megapixels. Without going that far, the Snapdragon 660, 670, 675, 710, 845 and 855 natively support sensors up to 48 megapixels. This is already the case in Redmi Note 7, which work with a Snapdragon 675.

By the end of the year

No supplier produces sensors pushing at 192 megapixels. Not yet. But Judd Heape, a product manager at Qualcomm, said smartphones with more than 48-megapixel cameras should be available by the end of the year.

Several manufacturers are already working with 64 megapixels, and even 100-megapixel sensor suppliers. Qualcomm holds an ambiguous speech: the American founder explains that he does not want a revival of the megapixel war, but at the same time he proposes chips capable of supporting such very high definitions … Unfortunately, the company feels this is the path currently chosen by the smartphone industry.

This famous megapixel war had calmed down a lot in recent years, manufacturers preferring to focus on increasing sensors in the rear side. As well as on artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos. Anyhow, let us wait for a few more months to catch them.

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