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PUBG Mobile Sees 365% Revenue Boost From Royale Pass Sales


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the most amazing battle royale shooter game that recently becomes quite familiar. Of course, the Fornite is the current leader of battle in a royal genre as well as PUBG including Limelight. In the digital world, the Xbox one world and PUBG combined with Ten cent mobile and roll out the Smartphone. Recently, this game is the major update for received together a ton of features, as well as excellent features of the studio, is the new Royale Pass. Moreover, this option add-on the players must participate in to unlock cosmetic items and event ends in about a month.

The Royale Pass also gives the play to get the premium version and more unlock cosmetic items and faster rate. Actually, the data tracking firm of sensor tower, as well as Royale Pass, has led to a 365 percent jump in spending for PUBG Mobile.

Recently, estimate the PUBG Mobile earned more than $700,000 per day in player spending across in the worldwide. There are two versions of Royale Pass. It is the free version and elite version of costs $9.99. For instance, the pass will complete the certain missions and each week and unlock the rewards including ranks. In additions, the elite pass holders have access to the elite mission and provide the points of additional rewards for each rank. Similarly, the system is Fortnite’s” Battle Pass and should contain the fourth season. However, the immediate success of the royal pass affects that PUBG Mobile’s” ranking methods. App store of top grossing iPhone games chart with Sensor Tower ranked between 100 and 150.


“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” has played over 400 million across the world. This platform is logging with more than 227 million of developer PUBG Corp. Estimated the PC and Xbox One versions drawn from 87 million people each and every day, as well as the large majority of players, is using the mobile ports.







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