How To Play Youtube Videos In Background On Smartphone ?

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Enjoy watching youtube videos that don’t always have the time to give them your full attention.If you’re someone who still has busy, this video is for you.

In this article I’ll be showing you how to play a youtube video in the background on both Android and iOS, so you can listen to your favorite videos all ago.Now let’s get started.

What Kind Of Videos Are Good To Listen To ?

Well, there are a lot of types of videos that would be suitable for this.For example, you might want to listen to songs from one of your favorite musicians.So you could listening to a music video from youtube.Other kinds of videos you could listen to include meditation or self-help guides, recipe videos, DIY projects, podcasts, news videos, and documentaries as well as many more.

Now that we know what kinds of videos or the best to listen in the background and let’s talk about how you can do it yourself.

How to play a youtube video in the background on Android?

Here, I have provided two different tricks to play video in background.

First Trick :

So first let’s go over the steps to do this on an Android device. To play youtube in the background on an android device, the first you’ll need to do is open up the google chrome internet browsing app.Then follow these steps below.

  1. Firstly, go to in google chrome app.
  2. Search the video you are looking for
  3. When it appears, tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen to open the settings menu for the chrome app.
  4. Then change from mobile to desktop version
  5. Now, play the video and return to home screen without exit.
  6. The audios stops playing, swipe your finger downwards from the top of your screen to reveal with audio controls.
  7. Tap to play button to resume playing the audio.Those are all the steps to listen to a youtube video on android.You can also do the same thing on the iOS device.

Second Trick :

The second option is to take help of some play store apps. You can also use a redyoutube app for playing video in the background. But it is not globally available. So, I have a couple of apps similar to that of it.

#1 NewPipe :

App to play youtube videos in background

New pipe is an open source youtube player and also my favorite app for a couple of reasons.You can play the video as the popup, or you can minimize it, and still, it plays in the background.What makes it pretty is, when you play a youtube video, you can change the playback speed as you watch it.

I would suggest, the new pipe is a good companion for youtube with a little couple of features.

#2 Ymusic :

App to play youtube videos in background

Ymusic is a modern version of youtube.Where you can only listen audio of any youtube video.It also opts to offline download of videos in audio-mode, where it can stream the audio of any youtube video.Ymusic allows you to search videos; you are already liked or subscribed.

There are some more apps available in the play store, you can also check it.

I hope you have loved this simple trick to play youtube videos background. Let me know your comments in below comment bar.Thank you and don’t forgot to subscribe our newsletter.

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