Opera 60 Code Named As Reborn 3: Supports Web 3.0, VPN And Crypto Wallet

Opera 60 came put as Reborn 3 with new features

Opera launches a new major version of its browser, called Reborn 3. A program with modern design and user-controlled privacy. Opera 60 is such an important update that that comes with the name of Reborn 3 . Behind this term, a rain of new features that must accompany the user on the Web 3.0

A Version Focused On Privacy & Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is the generic term used by Opera to describe the latest Internet technologies of cryptocurrency, blockchains and various systems allowing the user to maintain control of its data.

Opera 60 is built around this concept and provides tools to protect the user from data theft. It includes Crypto Wallet feature, a device that retains access in the user’s smartphone, and synchronized on demand between the mobile and the computer during a connection attempt. This double identification system makes it possible to fight against phishing attempts.

The publisher indicates that it is disabled by default and configurable to create a whitelist of its favorite sites by simply clicking on an icon in the address bar. Opera also includes a VPN, in order to anonymize its connections as much as possible. The service is completely free, ensures the developer, and allows to replace local IP by a new address.

A Revised & Simplified Design

Another major innovation is at the design level. Opera has redesigned its interface, which is more sober, more discreet and leaves room for content. The lines surrounding the different sections of the software have been removed and a dark theme is emerging for more comfortable reading at night.

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