OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10 +: Which Should You Buy?

OnePlus 7 Pro costs hundreds of dollars when compared to Galaxy S10 +, but there are tempting reasons to consider the handsome Samsung. Which will tell the translation of the review, published on the resource Android Central

OnePlus 7 Pro: Impressive as low as $ 670

OnePlus did it again with Pro 7: the brand offers a cool flagship smartphone at a surprisingly low price. This time we get a significantly improved stuffing, an excellent display with a frequency of 90 Hz and small bonuses, such as pleasant tactile sensations. Features and performance are incredible, but the new triple camera, unfortunately, does not hold out.


  • Smart display 90 Hz;
  • Fantastic performance;
  • Simple and clear software;
  • Best technical specifications.


  • Cameras are a step down;
  • No water resistance;
  • No wireless charging;
  • No headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +: collected all the best for $ 800

Samsung smartphones remain the standard by which all others are equal, and for good reason. Galaxy S10 + includes all the hardware and software features that you can wish for. It has the perfect display, its triple camera is better than the OnePlus, and the weight of thoughtful details makes it even more attractive. Only you need to be ready to work with its complex software.


  • Best display in the industry;
  • Relatively compact and lightweight;
  • Higher quality of all cameras;
  • Headphone jack and SD card slot;
  • Wireless charger.


  • Much more expensive;
  • Bulky software is more difficult to master;
  • Slow and short software update.

What is the difference between OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy S10 +

Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Oneplus 7 Pro

OnePlus is clearly looking at Samsung when it designs its phones because the 7 Pro’s similarity with the Galaxy S10 + is amazing. Already very similar design with lots of curved glass and shiny metal. By the way, in both cases, the assembly of high quality. Model 7 Pro, like Samsung, uses curved glass panels at the front and rear, as well as a pair of front speakers at the top and bottom.

The similarity continues inside: the specifications are incredibly close. You get the same Snapdragon 855 processor and the same amount of RAM and internal memory, only the Galaxy S10 + has more RAM in the basic version and optionally you can choose a larger storage size. The displays are almost the same size and resolution, and both are covered with Gorilla Glass 5.

The differences lie in the nuances. The fingerprint sensor integrated into the OnePlus 7 Pro display works much better than the Galaxy S10 – it is more convenient for everyday use. The GS10 + is IP68 waterproof, as well as a headphone jack, an SD card slot, and wireless charging. All these pleasant little things enhance its appeal and remind why the OnePlus 7 is cheaper. And while smartphones look very similar, the OnePlus 7 Pro is taller, wider and heavier.

Displays on paper also look almost the same, but there are slight differences between them. The Galaxy S10 + screen is generally nicer: with slightly better colors, viewing angles and viewability in daylight. However, the OnePlus 7 Pro is not far behind, and it has a bonus – an update rate of 90 Hz, which miraculously smooths out any movements on the screen. It seems that the Galaxy S10 + display is better, but in fact, the differences are minor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Oneplus 7 Pro

In addition, both smartphones seem to have the same set of cameras – standard, wide-angle and telephoto, but Samsung shows a higher level of quality and coherence. The main camera produces more attractive photos with a much better dynamic range, although sometimes it can smooth out the details too much. The wide-angle mode is again significantly better in the Galaxy since the 7 Pro fights blurred edges. And although the 7 Pro telephoto camera offers 3x zoom compared to 2x in the S10 +, this is not so useful, given its small sensor and even lower dynamic range than the main camera.

The front camera S10 + may be built into the cut-out in the screen, and not into a fancy pull-out mechanism, but the selfie is better, and with autofocus, you are not threatened by blurry close-ups.

Smartphones are equipped with almost identical 4000 and 4100 mAh batteries, but there are some differences in their discharge and charging. Battery OnePlus 7 Pro wins in everyday use because it works economically in a measured mode and practically does not consume energy when the device is not used. But it is worthwhile to be active, and the big screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz will eat up the stocks, forcing you to look for an outlet a bit earlier than the Galaxy S10 +. Therefore, in general, Samsung prevails in “longevity” of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Oneplus 7 Pro

The 7 Pro charges faster with the included 30W Warp Charge charger, but Samsung offers wireless charging and supports both leading standards: Qualcomm Quick Charge and USB-C Power Delivery.

The latest and probably biggest difference between the two smartphones is in the software. OnePlus 7 Pro has unobtrusive, intuitive and easy-to-manage software that anyone can quickly figure out. It does not bother and does not slow down the owner, but allows you to do what you want. There are many customization options that you can use if you wish, but they are not necessary to use a smartphone.

Samsung, on the other hand, is overloaded with a huge number of options, configuration requirements and outdated features that are getting in the way of the user. The device can be tamed, but it will take a lot of time and, in the end, it still can not be compared with OnePlus, offering pure software, which quietly works for itself against the background.

OnePlus also worked on its software update system to the extent that it constantly receives both regular fixes and full system updates, much faster than Samsung. Therefore, if the regularity of updates is important to you, OnePlus will be the best choice.

What suits me better: OnePlus 7 Pro or Galaxy S10 +

Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Oneplus 7 Pro

The main thing that most people consider when making a decision is how much they are willing to spend. If you have a limited budget, OnePlus 7 Pro is the best choice. Priced from ₹ 48,999 to $ ₹ 57,999, it goes nose to nose with the Galaxy S10 + in almost all respects: hardware, specifications, performance, and basic functions. Even in the points for which it is inferior to the competitor, such as the display, cameras and battery life, the differences are minor. And the OnePlus 7 Pro has a distinct advantage in its software.

If funds are limited, it will be difficult to justify buying a Galaxy S10 + when the OnePlus 7 Pro is so good.

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