Now Opera Touch Is Updated With File Sharing Feature, Thanks To My Flow

Opera Touch My FLow

Opera has just updated its Opera Touch browser for Android and iOS. Bringing its main feature, sharing files between devices is now possible, regardless of the operating systems running each of them.

From Opera Touch, users must move the main screen to the right to access the My Flow function, from which they can upload all types of files they want. As long as they do not exceed 10MB in size each, yet one can even take captures of photos or videos directly.

In My Flow, the files that are uploaded will be available for the rest of the linked devices, including PC. Of course, users will have a maximum period of 48 hours to be able to download the files in them. Basically, My Flow acts as a temporary cloud-based storage system. It is a kind of shared folder, which allows you to temporarily host files to be shared between different devices. Make sure, it lasts only 48 hours.

Users can also share files in reverse. Also, one can use the Opera desktop browser to upload files to My Flow to make them available on linked smartphones. This allows a series of combinations when sharing files between different devices, depending on the devices available and previously linked using QR code. Add that for a long time and you can also share notes and links between different devices.

On the other hand, Opera notes that Opera Touch takes into account the constant growth of smartphones. In this regard, they moved the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen to make it more accessible.

We must remember that Opera Touch is a mobile browser designed to be used with only one hand. With this movement, they want to solve the increase in phone screens. The new version of Opera Touch is now available in the respective official app markets for Android and iOS.

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