Now Design Emails In Lessthan 5 Minutes

Beefree email design platform

Email continues to be one of the main communication channels in the world, and that makes email marketing still alive. No matter how many specialists insist on burying it ahead of time. For an email marketing strategy to succeed, it is important to consider a long list of variables, but one of them is essential: the design of the email we are sending.

Many email marketing tools already have their own email design platform. But sometimes it is better to use an external tool to have more freedom when choosing the content structure. That is what offers.

It is a web platform for email design with the free version, a tool that allows us to design emails by dragging or dropping components of the right column as if it were a puzzle. We can choose from the many existing templates (some only available in the pro version) and edit their content so you don’t have to touch the structure.

Bee Free offers the possibility of seeing the result before sending it, as well as saving the resulting HTML. Also, integrating it directly with email marketing platforms on the market, sending a test to any email we want and much more.

I was surprised to try it without registering, although to save it and send the result it is necessary to create an account. No doubt, this is as twice as good to use.

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