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Now Dark Mode On YouTube is Official!! Know How To Enable Here?


The wait is over!! finally, Google made it official and this is real. Now YouTube can be viewed in Dark Mode both in Android as well as in Desktop.

Cool right!!

Geeks like me and you were waiting for this one feature from the beginning and we used to use modified unofficial YouTube app to get this feature. But from now onwards this is not the case, we can enable this dark mode right in the official youtube app.

YouTube rolled out this Dark Mode feature with YouTube’s version 13.35.51

Dark Mode on YouTube is not pure black rather it’s a light grey. This feature helps you to save some power but it would have been a great experience if it’s a pure black.

Let’s know how to enable Dark Mode on Android App and Desktop.

Enable Dark Theme on Android App

Enabling Dark theme on Android is super easy. Just click on your profile icon in the right top corner and choose Settings, then choose General option. Just tap on the Dark theme toggle to enable the most awaited Dark theme. This will make your whole Youtube app Dark (Yeah not completely Dark though!!).

youtube dark mode


Enable Dark Theme on Desktop

On Desktop, just a single click enables a Dark Theme. First, click on the profile icon present in the top right corner. Then you will see a new option, that’s a Dark theme. Click on the Dark theme and then tap on the toggle to enable it. Now Enjoy the Dark (yeah only if you like it).

youtube dark mode


Easy right!!!

Let us know your views on this Dark Mode feature on youtube…

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