Novus Launched $35000 Electric Bike At CES 2019

Novus electric motorcycle

Previously, Harley Davidson announced its electric bike at CES 2019,now its turn to an electric bicycle. Novus, a German company who made its first glance in showing a futuristic bicycle at CES 2019. It seems to be a lightweight vehicle with outstanding design. The manufacturers saying it is more expensive than LiveWire.

This bicycle cum electric bike weighs nearly 35 kilograms and it is made up of carbon fiber material. The Novus can charge 80% of the battery within 60 minutes and has an average autonomy of 100km, which is not bad.

It has an integrated front LED very discreetly, like the one on the back. The seat is leather and integrates the power button, and the smartphone can be integrated into the front. It reaches 98 kilometers per hour at the most. While Harley takes three seconds to reach 100kmph, so we must see how this minimalist bike roars in terms of acceleration.

Of course, what you earn is in price. Compare to Harley’s LiveWire, the Novus costs $ 39,500. That’s where the proposal is less attractive because winning in aesthetics is fine, but a price like that for specifications that do not outperform the competition does not always seem like a good bait.

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