Smartphone : Virtual Drug For Today Teenagers Leads To Nomophobia

Nomophobia smartphone addiction became as virtual drug

Hey, just keep your mobile aside? If you cant, ok then stick it in your pocket. I know you cant leave your phone until the battery reaches 1% or Data balance is over. You will get fired when someone disturbs you while watching tube videos. Not only you, everyone outside are doing the same thing alike. In this article, I’m here to show you how people are addicted to a smartphone.

Today, the assets of technology are highly unexpected. Teenagers are feeling very busy by spending in front of the smartphone, always download addicting games and addicting apps to get entertained. As no one knows what they are doing in a display box.

What Makes People Become Busy With Smartphone

There is nothing to say because you have already know what makes you busy. If you look innocently, I can reveal the tasks you made in Android. Here are the following things :

  • Social Media Addiction
  • Games and Entertainment
  • Checking E-mail inbox and Notifications
  • Sharing Unknown Stuff

No doubt you cant touch the smartphone without any above reasons. People are highly integrated into its overuse. Starting a fresh day on opening msgs and ending the day by fixing the alarm became a common routine in teenagers said by psychological researchers.Sure it can finally lead to nomophobia disease.

How Smartphone Predicts Human Life

According to a study conducted by Baylor University, Smartphone addiction is somehow dangerous than drugs and alcoholic assumptions.

There’s a book called “IRRESISTIBLE”, defining the rise of addictive technology, written by Adam Alter.

After observing  400 students leaving them in a room with smartphones, among half of them are highly dependent and mostly females.The real thing is they are not directly addicted to a smartphone, instead of information and entertainment availed in that.

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What matters It Effects In Continuous Addiction?

It really matters if you go on making it as one of the human needs. If you use it as “Protective blank” in order to get rid of anxiety, loneliness, and social emotions, then better to quit everything right now. Scroll down and know how severe addiction leads to future issues. Here are the effects that arise from mobile addiction.

  1. Fell into depression and loneliness
  2. Getting more nervous and feel anxiety
  3. Concentration and memory drop out
  4. Don’t make you sleep
  5. Encourages self-integration

In fact, two face interactions with the phone will not help you to sense others. No doubt it reduces anxiety and makes you worry about getting worse.It finally leads to “Nomophobia“, fear of lack of technology.

Nowadays, People are emotionally disturbed and became anger at every simple discomfort. You have already seen many news about a guy caught accident while texting, girl suicides for social media post and so on. It relatively shows social media is the biggest reason behind this addiction. No one can stop posting and text on the phone unless people find its pros and cons.

Even I too addicted to using a smartphone and later realized I’m wasting my lifetime in front handphone. I hope that makes me write this article.

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