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This New Idea Of Elon Musk Will Blow Your Mind


Travel is something that has taken a peculiar part of our life. People love to travel across the oceans and countries to a destination they dream for. More than the place you travel to, it is the travel, that gets you all brushed up and geared up for the experience. But, the time constraints with regard to long-distance travels turn up as a major drawback. This gives you limited time to spend in your favorite places. What if I say you could travel anywhere around the earth in just 30 minutes? What if you could travel to the exact opposite side of the earth from where you are in less than an hour? Get into the article to know more about this.


Elon Musk’s SpaceX:

This has been quite the talk of the town in the recent past. Elon Musk, a South African based American business magnate, investor, and inventor, proposed this concept of transportation using rockets, at the end of his latest space industry conference talk. Although he talked about the revised plans in the moors and Mars mission, he ended his talk saying about his vision of future transportation technology. If this is being implemented in the world today, it is sure to bring a huge remarkable change in the transportation industry. Being a highly technical advancement in this industry, the rocket used for this purpose would be a forthcoming rocket titled as Big Fucking rocket, shortly referred to as BFR.



The Ideology behind BFR:   

The basic concept behind the BFR is that the passengers board on a boat from the land and travel through the sea to a floating launch pad, where the rocket would be ready to take off. This floating launch pad is kept at a distance from the land mass to avoid the pressure it puts on the land at the time of takeoff and landing. People board this rocket in the upper region. It takes off to a low earth orbit and moves through the orbit out of the atmosphere. As the lower part of the rocket breaks off, it lands on another floating pad in another city. This would be the concept of the transportation of humans using rockets. This would be the first time a private company has a massive contribution towards the transport industry, as the concept and ideology behind this are totally different.

You could check out the working of this transportation system in the video link below


Even though an official name hasn’t been announced, BFR was the code name given for this rocket as announced by Elon Musk. With this being said, it is quite evident that you would be willing to know about the rocket and its working. BFR is actually designed and made for the idea of sending humans to Mars through rockets or earth to orbit, as shortly referred to. This was planned for the year 2024. But before that, this idea came up and on September 2017, in the conference, it was said that the work for this project would begin in a few months from then.  The maximum speed with which the rocket would fly in the space would be 27,000 km/hour.

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This private funded next-gen launch vehicle would be designed with a 30ft average diameter. The payload in this rocket would be reusable – 150,000 kg and expendable – 250,000 kg. The entire length of the rocket would be 348 feet. The expected landing reliability is on par with the airliners.

Routes traveled:

This rocket is majorly used for long travel purposes and it is reported that you could travel to the other side of the world at a max of 40 minutes. The basic routes that are proposed for this are:

  1. New York to Shangai – 39 minutes.
  2. Bangkok to Dubai – 27 minutes.
  3. Los Angeles to Toronto – 25 minutes.
  4. Hong Kong to Singapore – 22 minutes.
  5. Tokyo to Singapore – 23 minutes.
  6. London to Dubai – 29 minutes.
  7. London to New York – 29 minutes.

With these routes and a few more additions to it, travel around the world would be the easiest thing to do with time consumption and differently experienced. It is quite surprising that a private industry has contributed highly to this development in the transport sector.

Well, considering all these, a question of pricing of tickets for this rocket in your mind is quite foreseeable. Would you believe the fact that the prices and fare for the travel would cost you the same fare you pay for an economy ticket in an airplane. Surprising right? Well, it is quite true.

When this project becomes a success, it would be a tremendous advancement humanity has ever made. So, gear up and get excited about the best and look out for more news on BFR earth to earth.

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