Top 10 Coolest Gadgets You Should Try In 2018

top 10 new cool gadgets in 2018

Best of 2018, this is a year of awesome gadgets you’re looking for. I know you cant move up with out-dated smart devices. But, one thing I can say you are one from such people who update tech stuff every time.

Finding best gadget to your lifestyle matters a lot and even take more time to get it. For those people, I’m here to list out latest gadgets from the Internet of Things.

Top 10 Gadgets Waiting For You In 2018

1.Auto Coffee Maker



Want to make instant coffee on your bed? Ya, now it is possible with this new portable gadget that makes your coffee easily. Just add water and coffee, and touch the power.A simple way to prepare coffee at any place.

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2.Smart Door Lock

smart lock

Now get more safe and secure locking system in your home with this gadget. Smart Lock can operate both on touchpad and wifi.It can do an outstanding performance when you leave the home.

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insta image printer

Get bored hiding images on the smartphone? Don’t worry, now you can print your selfies and show them all using InstaPrint gadget. Just connect your Moto phone with it and get real-time pictures.

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tool card

This cool gadget really looks like wallet card but it opts multipurpose. Ya, you can fit screws, measure the length and use it as a knife. Tool card is the best gadget that I the most.

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5.Laser Keyboard

laser keyboard

One of the coolest gadget everyone looks is Virtual Keyboard. It creates a laser typing pad when connected to the smart phone, where you can easily handle. And acts like a pocket gadget.

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6.Doss sound box

doss sound box

Get this new pocket speaker that enables you wireless portability.The quality of this compact speaker comes with new audio technology and designed in well shaped.

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wonder cube

Talking about this gadget, most popular gadget ranks in the world.It is a multipurpose device having 8 different features in like the flashlight, phone stand, chargeable ports and so on. WonderCube really looks tiny and has a lot of benefits.

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8.Mota Smart Ring

smart ring

Mota Smart Ring is a new smart wearable device that connects to your Android or iOS. With this, you can easily share social messages and get incoming calls from anywhere.

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9.Volter Man Wallet

smart wallet

Smart wallets are now easily connected to Android devices. Volter Man Wallet is one such smart wallet consists of a security camera, tiny power bank and secret storage space. It also features GPS facility to track when it is stolen.

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10.Anti Gravity Case

anti gravity case

Finally, Gravity case is the cool stuff I like. This smartphone case has a gravity to stick on walls, glasses or anywhere else.Now you can take awesome selfies with smart pouches.

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Ya well, hope you liked every stuff here and you can buy this gadget from the given links. Stay tuned and come back to us for exploring new technology.

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