Mysterious Emoji Of Strange Eye Found In Whatsapp…What Does It Mean?

Whatsapp emoji strange eye

Sure you have seen a strange eye that does not notice in the objects section of WhatsApp emojis. What does it mean? It is not necessarily an emoticon for everyday use, even many have defined it with something called Illuminati.

The mysterious WhatsApp icon appeared on all iPhone devices when they were updated to iOS 9.1, but it has been a long time for it to go viral again. In his time, Jeremy Burge, founder of an online dictionary called Emojipedia, said he had not been added to the official database of emotional icons operated by an organization called Unicode.

Whatsapp emoji strange eye
Strange Eye In iOS WhatsApp Keyboard

Burge admitted that he was puzzled about the meaning of mysterious WhatsApp’s emoji, which he glimpsed in a preliminary version of the next operating system. “A mysterious new emoji has appeared and no one knows what it is, or why it exists,” he wrote in a blog post.

However, now it has a name. It’s called “eye in a speech bubble“. This symbol means a campaign against harassment. Now that you know, you can use it normally.

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